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Learning Support Programs

Developmental Studies programs began in Fall 1974 as a means of bringing the reading, English, and mathematical skills of marginally prepared students up to standard. In 1993, Developmental Studies policy and procedures were revised and Developmental Studies programs were included under a broader Learning Support (LS) structure. LS programs serve students who need preparation in reading, mathematics, English, and/or other areas for success in college. Students who do not meet standards for regular admission are required to take the appropriate part(s) of the Collegiate Placement Exam or COMPASS exam to determine whether they are to be placed in LS courses. In admissions, placement, and exit requirements, institutions may set higher standards than required by the System. No degree credit may be earned in LS courses, but institutional credit is awarded. LS programs may serve three groups of students:

  1. Students required to take LS courses because they are below System minimum requirements for placement (430 SAT-Verbal or 400 SAT-Math or CPC English or CPC Math);
  2. Students who are above the System minimum requirements but are required by the institution to take LS courses or other courses;
  3. Students who volunteer to take LS courses to prepare for regular college courses.

Learning Support Requirements
2000 High School Graduates as First-Time College Freshmen, Fall 2000

InstitutionNumber of
Number below
Percent below
Number below
Percent below
Georgia Institute of Tech.2,156    
Georgia State University1,95740.2  
Medical College of Georgia     
University of Georgia3,825140.445611.9
Research University Total7,938180.24565.7
Georgia Southern Univ.2,6941234.669725.9
Valdosta State University1,201    
Regional University Total3,8951233.269717.9
Albany State University57230052.4  
Armstrong Atlantic State Univ.443    
Augusta State University6218613.8569.0
Clayton College & State Univ.437368.220.5
Columbus State University68910314.9  
Fort Valley State University32411134.3  
Georgia College & State Univ.70950.7365.1
Georgia Southwestern State Univ.242125.0  
Kennesaw State University1,076252.325924.1
North Ga. College & State Univ.590315.3213.6
Savannah State University28112243.493.2
Southern Polytechnic State Univ. 342    
State University of West Georgia1,5761559.8  
State University Total7,90298612.53834.8
Dalton State College45615734.4357.7
Macon State College47321545.56413.5
State College Total92937240.09910.7
Abraham Baldwin Agric. College70033047.110.1
Atlanta Metropolitan College1339873.7  
Bainbridge College1428761.3  
Coastal Georgia Community College2326427.6  
Darton College44920245.0255.6
East Georgia College35128380.6195.4
Floyd College 32714243.46319.3
Gainesville College57923139.96811.7
Georgia Perimeter College 1,37354839.921815.9
Gordon College69530043.2  
Middle Georgia College48422546.5  
South Georgia College22010547.7  
Waycross College1225141.821.6
Two-Year College Total5,8072,66645.93966.8
SYSTEM TOTAL26,4714,16515.72,0317.7

Sources: The Policy Manual; Academic Affairs Handbook; Learning Support Administrative Procedures; Student Information Reporting System

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