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SAT Scores

Average Composite Scores, Entering Freshman, FY1991 - FY2000

  Composite Scores - Recentered No. of
Georgia Institute of Technology12391245127812881286128212851290128012962,529
Georgia State University10211004100410101015101510151008105310491,999
University of Georgia11011125113911481144117411751172118511904,422
Georgia Southern University9649609589599579649649739849863,450
Valdosta State University94794595294795195094296499110001,265
Albany State University796814793791795832795825838843696
Armstrong Atlantic State Univ.954943951960925930916915954969948
Augusta State University9499529499609629729659459759851,102
Clayton College & State Univ.941947936945928926928928959992724
Columbus State University919932923930931943942949953966859
Fort Valley State University818815828817850839784853872880415
Georgia College & State Univ.9249309209359639719539649891012790
Georgia Southwestern State Univ.955951948958949943950946968985260
Kennesaw State University999997996100710009899911014102410301,662
North Ga. College & State Univ.1024101910191042106310591042105310581059748
Savannah State University804817800814822817796762864869336
Southern Polytechnic State Univ.1000102810301039103710531047103810551069441
State Uinv. of West Georgia9479569589519529679609629579651,834
Dalton State College928920926929936931902923953950731
Macon State College959911911922928943913894815941734
Abraham Baldwin Agric. College887894897910918909898889918908909
Atlanta Metropolitan College808812837830831837826795834841508
Bainbridge College894925897903895887866889894903256
Coastal Ga. Community College932935930953955890882916876902335
Darton College921918907916911919866866905896670
East Georgia College875876859882863873862828831872191
Floyd College932911937920935939900890904903754
Gainesville College937950944956954957965938962952912
Georgia Perimeter College8768678788818788898888899379343,933
Gordon College8979109059039009088908617958831,086
Middle Georgia College887902916904889899878870890885806
South Georgia College860864871861869892891884913891414
Waycross College925919896901931904919878945908254
SYSTEM TOTAL   9669739679749799879779831022101836,973


  1. This table includes only those freshmen who attempted at least five quarter credit hours by Spring quarter for cohorts through 1988 or three semester hours for FY1999 on.
  2. The composite score is derived by summing the SAT verbal score and the SAT math score. The possible range for SATV and SATM is 200 to 800; the possible composite score range is 400 to 1600.
  3. Medical College of Georgia admits only a limited number of freshmen, and their data are not included.
  4. The number of freshmen in this table should not be used to determine the size of an institution's entering class for the year. Not included are students with missing data on SAT, such as students with GED's, those admitted into programs that do not require SAT scores, and those who were admitted based on ACT scores. This table includes students who were admitted with advanced placement credit.
  5. The Georgia, Nation and USG scores for 1990-95 are recentered on individual scores. Beginning in 1996, University System data were reported on the recentered scale.

Sources: Normative Data for the 1990-00 Freshman Classes; Profile of SAT and Achievement Test Takers, Georgia and National Reports, The College Board.

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