Publications, 1990-1997

The following is a partial list of University System of Georgia publications since 1990, many of which are referenced in this document. Not all publications are available for distribution, but all are available for reference in the Central Office. The office listed in parentheses produced the report or document.


Access to Academic Excellence for the New Millennium (1995). A strategic planning progress report. (The Chancellor's Office)

The Policy Manual (second edition, 1982; updated continuously). Codified manual of official Board-approved policies. (Associate Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs)

The System Supplement: A Monthly Report of the Board of Regents. Newsletter reviewing Board actions. (Media and Publications)


Information Digest (1983-84 -- 1995-97 editions). Data on the System and its institutions. (Planning and Policy Analysis)


Academic Affairs Handbook (1995). A reference to policies and procedures that define the operations of the office of the chief academic officer at each unit in the University System. Available electronically on the Faculty Information System and the World Wide Web. (Academic Affairs)

Core Curriculum Handbook (1991; updated as needed). Reference manual on the Core Curriculum followed at all System institutions. Describes the four areas that compose the 90 hour core and contains an inventory of all courses which meet the core at each institution. (Academic Affairs)

Developmental Studies Report (1993). Annual report on the student enrollment in Developmental Studies Programs, including exit rates. (Regents' Testing)

Facilities/Curriculum/Room Utilization Report (updated each fall quarter). A summary of instructional activity during the fiscal year including data on number of different courses taught, number of different sections, average size of sections, student credit hours produced, student credit hours by CIP code, percentage distribution of sections according to section size, percent of student credit hours by level, quarter credit hours generated, CIR summary by budget program areas, section starting time, space utilization survey reports and definitions, space factors, and average weekly percent of general classrooms in use by the hours. (Planning and Policy Analysis)

A Plan for Change (1991). Recommendations of an external review committee on ways to improve teacher education programs. (Academic Affairs)

Program Inventory/Listing of Degrees and Majors Authorized (updated monthly). A comprehensive listing by institution of all Board-approved offerings with assigned Classification of Instructional Program (CIP) codes. Available electronically on the WWW. (Planning and Policy Analysis)

Student Data Element Dictionary (1981, updated June 1997). Dictionary containing standardized definitions for the Student Information Reporting System. (Planning and Policy Analysis)

Understanding the University System's Core Curriculum (1991). Brochure describing the basic requirements of the core, procedures for revising the core, and the institutional appeals process for transfer of credit problems. (Academic Affairs)


Enrollment and Quarter Credit Hour Projections. Annual projections for a five-year period. (Planning and Policy Analysis)

Quarterly Enrollment Report. Quarterly report of headcount and equivalent full-time enrollment, demographics of students, and enrollment by class by institution. (Planning and Policy Analysis)


High School Feedback Report. An annual service provided by the University System whereby all high school principals in the state are notified of the academic progress of their graduates at the end of their first year at a System institution. (Planning and Policy Analysis)

Normative Data for the Freshman Class. Annual description of entering freshmen in terms of SAT scores, high school averages, and freshman grade point averages by institution. Equations for predicting average grades for future freshmen are also provided. (Planning and Policy Analysis)

Transfer Student Report (annual). Report of students transferring to and from University System institutions including numbers and grade point averages. (Planning and Policy Analysis)

A Report on Student Retention and Graduation in the University System of Georgia (1995). First-year and multiple year retention and graduation rates by institution, race, and entry status. (Planning and Policy Analysis)

Freshman Academic Admissions Requirements (1993). Report of admissions requirements for each institution. (Planning and Policy Analysis)


Annual Financial Report (prepared at the end of each fiscal year of operation). Presents the financial statement for each unit and a consolidated statement for the entire System. (Fiscal Affairs)

University System Budget (prepared for each fiscal year of operation). Summary of budget allocations for each teaching institution and activities other than teaching. (Fiscal Affairs)

Formula for Excellence: Financing Georgia's University System in the 1980's (1982). Final report of the Study Committee on Public Higher Education Finance. Describes current funding system with recommendations concerning tuition policies, quality improvement, budget lapse, and indirect cost recovery. (Fiscal Affairs)

An Internal Review of the Funding Formula Used by the University System of Georgia (1990). Final report of MGT of American after conducting an internal review of the formula. (Fiscal Affairs)


Building and Room Inventory. Inventory of buildings including year of construction, latest renovation, condition status, ownership, capital investment, and gross square feet, and an inventory of rooms including square feet, use, and student stations. (Facilities)

Building Project Procedures (revised as needed). Material prepared to assist architects and institutions in following procedure for building projects constructed in the University System of Georgia. (Facilities)

Space Utilization Survey Reports. Annual fall quarter report of utilization of classrooms, lecture rooms, and laboratories for units of time by institution. (Facilities)


Summary Report of C.E.U. Activities (annual). Annual statistical summary of programs and participants by classification of programs and institution.

Utilization of the Continuing Education Unit (C.E.U.) Within the University System of Georgia (1983). Policy manual for conducting and reporting C.E.U. activities in the System.


Information Technology. A monthly news bulletin which reports current information technology activities in the University System. (Information and Instructional Technology)

University System of Georgia Three-Year EDP Plan (annual). An overview of University System institutions' information technology planning. (Information and Instructional Technology)

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