Policy Initiatives, 1996

In a major strategic planning effort started in August 1994, the Board of Regents, along with Chancellor Stephen R. Portch, his staff, and the presidents of various campuses, committed to make the University System of Georgia a world class university system. The Board stressed the necessity of making good academic use of available technology and equipment and of preparing an adequate human and organizational infrastructure to implement the System's strategic plan. The concluding paragraph of the reiterates that "The University System of Georgia will hold itself accountable to the citizens of Georgia for the effective and efficient use of every available material resource, new technology, and human insight and activity to achieve access to academic excellence for all citizens and to charge its collective intellectual power on behalf of the state."

To this end, the Board of Regents approved a set of budget technology initiatives: A Vision for One Statewide Library, renamed GALILEO - GeorgiA LIbrary LEarning Online; Connecting Students and Services; and Connecting Teachers and Technology.

A Vision for One Statewide Library - GALILEO Connecting Students and Services Connecting Teachers and Technology

Source: Office of the Vice Chancellor for Information and Instructional Technology

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