PeachNet, Galileo, and GSAMS: 1996-97

Electronic Sources of Information

The University System of Georgia educational data communications network, PeachNet, was established as a comprehensive statewide network based on the TCP/IP communications protocol. PeachNet provides for communications among the University System locations and additional sites listed below and provides a link to the Internet, an international network of networks.

PeachNet Sites
University System of Georgia 47
Office of Public Library Services 63
Department of Education K-12 27
Private K-12 and Higher Education Sites 14
Other PeachNet Sites 12

GALILEO, Georgia's statewide library, provides universal access to shared academic materials and services for all students and faculty at the thirty-four University System of Georgia (USG) institutions and is being made available to private colleges and universities, public libraries, and technical schools in the State. GALILEO features electronic databases, an encyclopedia, dictionary, library catalogs, state publications, and census data. These services are enabled by Georgia's statewide educational network, PeachNet, operated by the USG.

University System of Georgia 41
Office of Public Library Services 63
Department of Technical and Adult Education 33
University Center in Georgia 13
Georgia Private Academic Libraries 17

GSAMS, or Georgia Statewide Academic and Medical System, is a two-way, interactive video network used in teleconferencing and in the delivery of distance learning.

GSAMS Installations 105

Note: Other state agencies have GSAMS installations.

Satellite installations allow high speed digital transport of information and programming (voice, data, text, video) for higher education.

Satellite Dish Installations
Uplinks 2
Downlinks with VCRs and Monitors 45

Note: Other state agencies also have satellite dish installations.

Source: Office of the Vice Chancellor for Information and Instructional Technology

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