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Tips for Using the Internet

Stepping stones through the information swamp

The amount of information on the Internet can be overwhelming, but there are ways of managing your way through the chaos.

This unit provides you with tips about what the Internet is, how to navigate it, and how to judge the accuracy of the information you find.


  1. Basic description
    A Network of Networks

  2. A Brief History of the Internet
    Sharing Resources

  3. Types of Internet Protocols
    There's more to the Internet than the World Wide Web — FTP, gopher and telnet

  4. Communication Protocols
    Email, newgroups and chat

  5. Multimedia Information Protocol
    Hypertext transfer protocol — a.k.a. 'The Web'

  1. Browsers and Navigation
    MS Internet Explorer and Netscape

  2. Internet Search Services
    Search engines, search directories, and meta-search engines

  3. Evaluating Internet Information
    'dot com,' 'dot gov' — suffixes and country codes explained

  4. GALILEO vs. the Web
    GALILEO is found on the Web, but it's not the same as a Web page

  5. Exercise: A Trip Abroad
    An exercise on evaluating a URL