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Exact Search

The Exact Search allows you to:

When should I use an Exact Search?

Use the Exact Search when:

  1. You have the complete information for a title, author, etc.
    1. Search for the book The Business of America.

      Screen capture of a title search
      • It is not necessary to capitalize the first letter of proper nouns or titles.
      • Since the title begins with an article (the), omit the article and begin the search with business. (You can omit any article {a, an, the} at the beginning of a title.)
    2. Search for the scholarly journal American Journal of Speech and Language Pathology.

        Screen capture of a journal title search
      • Once again, it is not necessary to capitalize the first letters of titles.
      • GIL allows you to search for a periodical (newspaper, magazine, journal) in your library, but GIL does not allow you to search for articles in a periodical.
  2. You want to browse a list of an authors, titles, call numbers, etc.

    Call number browse:

    Screen capture of a call number browse

    Search Results:

    Results from call number browse
    1. If you type a complete call number in the search box, the resulting list, in call number order, will show you what books are shelved in the same area.
    2. The virtual browse is the online option to going to the library shelves and browsing through the books in an area.
    Author browse:

    Screen capture of author search

    Search Results:

    Results from author search

    You may select one quick limit for a title or journal title Exact Search.

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