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Starting Your Search

Putting the research process to work

Don’t know where to begin? This unit will help kickstart your research with a ten-step strategy that works for just about any discipline.

In the first part of this unit you’ll find instructions on a ten step research method. On the last pages of the unit, you’ll see the strategy put to work in 3 examples.


  1. Your Hunt Begins
    An introduction to the 10-step process

  2. Formulate Your Question or Statement
    Step 1

  3. Get Background Information
    Step 2

  4. Focus Your Search Topic
    Step 3

  5. Consider Your Resource Options
    Step 4

  6. The Tools Available
    GALILEO, GIL, Internet, Printed Indexes

  7. Select the Appropriate Tool
    Step 5

  1. Use the Tool
    Step 6

  2. Gather Your Materials
    Step 7

  3. Evaluate Your Sources
    Step 8

  4. Organize and Write
    Step 9

  5. Compose Your Bibliography
    Step 10

  6. A Good Example
    An essay on Faulkner’s short story, "A Rose for Emily"

  7. A Speech About Animal Rights #1
    How NOT to do it

  8. A Speech About Animal Rights #2
    The right way to do it