GIL Users Group Meeting 2002

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Schedule of Events - Final Agenda

Thursday, May 23, 2002
9:00 - 10:00 am Registration/ Continental Breakfast/Meet & Greet
Service Site Coordinators available for consultation/questions
Bob Trotter - University of Georgia, Randall Cravey - Georgia State Univ.
Wendy Ellis - Medical College of Georgia, Larry Hansard and Beth Thomas - Georgia Institute of Technology
10:00 - 11:00 am Welcome - (LaVerne L. McLaughlin - Albany State University)
Endeavor - (Mark Wilson, Director of Technical Services)
Endeavor leadership will provide an overview and highlights of activities, releases, product plans, and future directions
11:00 am - 12:00 noon Knowledge Base Overview - (Phil Williams - OIIT)
An overview of how the Knowledge Base for USG will work and its relationship to the Endeavor Knowledge Base at Support Web

Universal Catalog & Universal Borrowing - (Phil Williams - OIIT & Claire Colombo- University of Georgia)
An overview of the Universal Catalog and GIL Express (formerly known as UB) and ongoing plans for implementation and development
12:00 - 1 pm Lunch
University System of Georgia Overview - (Bede Mitchell - Georgia Southern Univ.)
Representing GIL Steering Committee
1:15 - 2:15 pm Concurrent Sessions
Authority Control & Marcive Reports - (Cathy Jeffrey - Clayton College & State Univ.)
Authority Control may not be as automated as you think it is! This program describes the Marcive reports that are available to help complete the authority control process. Marcive's monthly Notification Report will be discussed. The following weekly reports will also be covered: The Heading Changes Report; The Unrecognized Headings Report; The Unrecognized Geographic Subdivisions Report; The Multi-match Report.
Embedded Order Data and Title Source II - (John R. Lassiter - Georgia Perimeter College)
Georgia Perimeter College uses Embedded Order Data (EOD) for all monographic firm orders placed in the web interface of Title Source II from Baker Taylor for the various campus libraries. See how Voyager Web Admin is then used for bulk import and creating the purchase orders automatically.
Endeavor Demonstration: EnCompass - (Anita Reeb - Endeavor)
A demonstration of Voyager's EnCompass, which has three parts: Resource Access for expanded search capabilities; Linkfinder Plus providing linking capabilities; and EnCompass for Digital Collections, providing access to local collections with multiple metadata schema.
Endeavor Demonstration: Media Scheduling - (Michelle Arms - Endeavor)
A demonstration of Voyager's Media Scheduling Module which is used to create reservations for and to check out media materials, equipment, or group study rooms, etc.
GIL Usability Study - (Bede Mitchell & Laura Davidson - Georgia Southern Univ.)
Usability tests of GIL and GALILEO were conducted at a number of University System of Georgia libraries at the beginning of the Fall 2001 semester. Freshmen (or equivalent students) were asked answer a series of standard questions using the opening GIL screen for their local institution. The coordinators of the tests will present their findings about the GIL interface.
Reports: Service Site Coordinators will provide an overview of available reports: GIL Quick Connect (VRS); GIL Web Reports; Prepackaged Voyager Reports; Customized Reports using MS Access (Randall Cravey- GSU; Bob Trotter- UGA)
Universal Catalog/GIL Express - (Claire Colombo - UGA & Phil Williams -OIIT)
A more detailed description of the universal catalog and GIL Express and ongoing plans for implementation and development
2:15 - 2:45 pm Break/Communication Exchange
2:45 - 4:45 pm Functional Groups (Committee Programs)
Acquisitions/Serials (Joan Stephens, Chair - Georgia State Univ.) EDI Invoicing and Ordering (Donna Yanney Bennett- Georgia College & State Univ.; Dianne Hollingsworth, Gordon College; Michelle Arms, Endeavor resource person)
Presenters will describe EDIFACT invoicing processes for serials from setup to execution and for monographic ordering. Afterward a panel will answer questions about EDI. An update on the enhancement process and a general question/answer session will follow.
Cataloging (Kathy Gallo, Chair - Georgia Perimeter): Holdings Format Guy Frost - Valdosta State Univ.)
Report from the committee that worked on the holdings format. Macro Express (David Anderson - Georgia State Univ.) Discussion of macros for cataloging.
Circulation & ILL (Combined Groups) (Roxann Bustos , Chair - Augusta State Univ.; Susan Morris, Chair - UGA): GIL Resource Sharing - (Claire Colombo & Susan Morris - UGA)
This joint meeting will focus on the imminent start-up of GIL Express, formerly known as Universal Borrowing. Topics common to both groups such as UPS procedures, ways to steer users to GIL Express, and what kinds of materials users can expect to obtain via GIL Express will be discussed.
Media Booking (Ed Conway, Chair - Georgia Perimeter College)
Open forum on Media Scheduling issues. Topics of discussion will include: generating reports, work-arounds, problems, development of enhancements/bug lists for sharing with Voyager development staff, and more. (Robyn Dudley - Endeavor resource person)
OPAC (Laura Davidson, Chair - Georgia Southern Univ.)
Open forum on OPAC issues. Topics of discussion will include projected changes to the OPAC, functionality of the Universal Catalog, training issues related to implementing GIL Express (formerly UB), reports from VUGM, and more.
Special Collections (Shelia McAllister, Chair - UGA): Providing Access to Image-based Collections - (Sheila McAllister - UGA, Reagan Grimsley - Columbus State Univ., Pam Hackbart-Dean - Georgia State Univ.)
A panel discussion followed by an update on the GIL Spec committee's efforts this year.
4:45 pm Adjournment

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