The Board of Regents of the USG is dedicated to ensuring proper management and disposal of all hazardous wastes generated within the USG during research, teaching and facilities maintenance operations. Safe and environmentally sound management of hazardous waste is an integral part of the USG's mission. This commitment allows the System to meet its compliance obligations concerning federal, state, and local regulations pertaining to the management of chemical, biological, radioactive and other potentially hazardous waste.

Responsibility for compliance with hazardous waste regulations begins with the individual researchers and employees who generate the waste material, and continues through the transportation and disposal process.

Escalating public concern for environmental quality and continued tightening of federal and state regulations are two primary driving forces behind the need for USG institutions to ensure that all their hazardous wastes are properly managed. Each institution within the USG is individually responsible for managing their campus hazardous waste management activities. These responsibilities include implementing procedures for the collection, processing, consolidation and disposal of chemical wastes and providing adequate resources for personnel training and protection.