Teaching and Learning Conference

Keynote Speaker

Todd Zakrajsek

Engaging Students in the Learning Process: Best Practices for both Your Teaching and Their Learning

Dr. Todd Zakrajsek

There is a proliferation of information (and misinformation) pertaining to how students learn and how best to teach. The good news is that research provides clear evidence pertaining to what works best in the classroom with respect to human motivation and learning…and at the core is….engaging students in the learning process. In this interactive session, we will actually try out several classroom engagement strategies in a way that you can adapt and implement in your own courses. Additionally, we will investigate ways to help teach the students to better engage with the material.


Todd Zakrajsek is the Executive Director of the Academy of Educators in the School of Medicine and an Associate Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at UNC-Chapel Hill. Todd is the immediate past Executive Director of the Center for Faculty Excellence at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Prior to his work at UNC, he was the Inaugural Director of the Faculty Center for Innovative Teaching at Central Michigan University and the founding Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning at Southern Oregon University, where he also taught in the psychology department as a tenured associate professor. Todd currently directs four National Lilly Conferences on College and University Teaching and Learning. Todd also sits on two educationally related boards: ERI for Lenovo Computer and TEI for Microsoft.

Dr. Zakrajsek received his Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Ohio University. He has published and presented widely on the topic of student learning, including workshops and conference keynote addresses in 42 states and 6 countries.