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USG Well-being Challenge: Keep America Active

USG Well-being Challenge: Keep America Active

It’s Time to Get Active with Keep America Active!

Bags packed? Check. Itinerary set? Check. Then let’s hit the road.

What is Keep America Active?

What if you could go coast to coast without boarding a plane, hopping on a bus, or gassing up the car? Well, now you can (sort of) in Keep America Active. With this virtual trip, you’ll:

● Travel from state to state, stopping at the country’s most amazing hot spots as you record health behaviors.

● View postcard-perfect images.

● Build well-being habits that last long after your country-wide tour is over.

When is the Keep American Active challenge?

What is the goal?

In this all-American 8-week well-being tour, your Keep America Active goal is to log 200 points (25+ points/week) by recording physical activity minutes or steps, plus sleep and produce servings

How does it work?

Each day you’ll visit a new attraction, earning points and stars as you record physical activity minutes or steps, plus sleep and produce servings. And you’ll answer a fun trivia question, learn why each attraction should be on your bucket list, and collect badges. To make it even easier, you can use a tracking device to record your daily steps. Just put the wireless activity tracker on in the morning, sync it with your Keep America Active account, and your physical activity will automatically load.

Important Dates:

Can participate in Keep America Active count towards the well-being incentive?

Yes. In order to earn your well-being incentive, you’ll need to visit

1. From the USG Well-being portal landing page, select Track from the left-hand menu or Add to Track from the top right bar. You can also sync Track with many wearable fitness devices and apps like Fitbit and MapMyFitness.

2. You can also click the Track It button in the upper right corner and a window will pop up. You can search for an activity or click the GET ACTIVE tab for a list of options.

Once you select an activity, an entry form will display. Enter the duration, intensity, and date of the activity. Be sure to click Save at the bottom when complete. That’s it! Your activity has been recorded.

Check out this participant video for Keep America Active