The USG Managed Services project is a Chancellor-supported initiative designed to bring all USG institutions’ Banner Student Information Systems into GeorgiaBEST Managed Services.

Phase I will focus on migration of on-premise Banner environments to hosted environments at Information Technology Services (ITS). Beginning in FY19 through FY21, 15 USG campuses will migrate to GeorgiaBEST Managed Services. During this transition, there will be a freeze for all USG institutions on any new product implementations and Banner change requests. There will also be a hold on any requests for Degree Works and/or other ancillary systems to be hosted by GeorgiaBEST Managed Services prior to the end of FY21.

Phase II of the project will engage Academic Affairs to lead business process review and reengineering, and migration of ancillary products and/or services (i.e., Degree Works, Banner Document Management (BDM), etc.).

Benefits of Managed Services include:

  • Standard Application Security
  • Consistent and timely deployments of software upgrades and enhancements
  • Allows campuses to focus on strategic campus initiatives rather than upgrades and enhancements
  • Life-cycle asset management