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Learning Support Admission Requirements

On August 10, 2010, the Board of Regents revised Board Policy Freshman Admission Requirements to allow two-year and state colleges to reinstate SAT/ACT test scores and the Freshman Index as part of their regular admission requirements. Prior to August 2010, students seeking admission to two-year and state colleges were not required to submit SAT/ACT test scores.
This revision is effective August 2010.

New Learning Support Policy

  • Two-year and State colleges can reinstate the SAT/ACT and Freshman Index (FI) requirement for regular freshman admission. Test Score Requirements for Two-year and State Colleges
    Institutions not requiring the SAT/ACT as a requirement of admission will be expected to administer placement testing (Compass) to all students. Students can, however, submit acceptable SAT/ACT scores as a means of exempting placement testing.

  • Students required to take the Compass exam and who earn scores placing them into all three areas of learning support (reading, English, math) are not eligible for admission to any USG institution.

  • Students who test below the System minimum scores on the Compass exam in one or more areas of learning support (reading, English, math) are not eligible for regular admission.

    Minimum System Scores on Compass Exam

    • 62 for Reading
    • 32 for English
    • 20 for Mathematics

    Institutions may grant admission by means of a presidential exception if the student can provide evidence that he/she can succeed.

  • Time limit time spent in learning support. The maximum number of learning support classes in English and reading will be one each, with two attempts in both English and reading to pass and exit learning support. The maximum number of learning support courses in math will be two with three attempts to pass and exit learning support. There will be no appeals.

  • The mandatory waiting period for students to return to a USG institution after being placed on learning support dismissal has been reduced from three years to one year.

  • The number of college-level credit hours allowed before a student can take only learning support courses has been increased from 20 to 30 credit hours. State_and_Two_Year_College_Test_Score_Requirements.pdf