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October 17, 2011

Official Rules for the Social Business Plan Competition

Official Rules for the Social Business Plan Competition

General Rules

  1. A team can have up to fifteen student members and must have at least one faculty advisor.
  2. All ventures must be based on a clearly defined social problem or issues
  3. Students are free to develop any social business plans based on any viable business opportunities.
  4. Plan submissions must be limited to two pages
  5. Non-students may be members of the team and participate in planning the venture. However, only two students will make the presentation.

First Round Presentations

  1. All presentations will be in a classroom setting
  2. Judges will be in the first row
  3. Audience will be in the room behind the judges
  4. Students will present from the podium
  5. No more than two students are allowed to present
  6. No Power Point and only a poster board will be allowed during the presentation.
  7. Presentation time is strictly limited to five minutes
  8. No questions will be asked by the judges
  9. Judges will have one minute to finish scoring using the nine item Evaluation Form.
  10. At the end of all presentations, judges will select two finalists.
  11. The two finalists will then present in the final round.

Final Round Presentations

Same format as the First Round.

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