Service Excellence

Organizational Effectiveness Department

Writing an Award Winning Nomination

Here are a few tips to writing an award winning nomination.

  • Carefully review the service excellence nomination criteria and attributes. Be mindful of the 800 words (2 page limit).

  • Before you write your essay, think about why your candidate has gone over and above his job responsibility to meet the service excellence criteria. List what is so unique about your nominee. List the achievements of the nominee in area of service excellence. Include in your essay the impact of their service to others. Numbers are good too.

  • Nominations are judged using a weighted rubric:

    50% Five Attributes of Service Excellence

    25% Impact on Target Audience and/or Supporting Testimonials

    25% Supporting Data and/or Metrics

  • S.M.A.R.T.
    Include information about the nominee(s) using:

    Specific - Impacts the individual/team accomplishment had on the state, its customers, institution, divisions or citizens.
    Measureable - Impacts the performance had on service excellence. Provide a basic comparison using simple statistics. For example, cost saving, time saved, response time, cases handed, increases in service excellence satisfaction and/or process improvements
    Accomplishments - Achieved (description of what was achieved)
    Results - What were the actual results of the action/program?
    Time frame - When did the action or series of actions occurred?

  • Your nominee is the best source of factual information. Your nominee will be glad to provide you with critical information and results driven statistics.

  • Be creative. Your essay should encourage the reviewer committee to read it to the end. Don’t be dull.

  • The beginning of your essay should introduce the nominee to the review committee. The committee does not know your nominee. Therefore a very brief job summary should be provided to show what is required of the person so that you can elaborate on the over and above accomplishments in the next section of the nomination form.

  • Please do not assume that the reviewer will know about our environment. For example, they may not know how financial aid applications are processed. You will need to paint the picture.

  • The review committee is relying on your words to give them a positive, factual picture of your nominees’ accomplishments. Do not exaggerate but do not undersell your nominee. Keep the review committee engaged and speak from your heart. Descriptive statements are good. Last but not least, keep it brief. Remember too much information or not enough information can reduce votes.

  • Give one or two examples of the nominee’s outstanding service excellence. Include creative and factual information about the nominee that the review committee will remember. The review committee is reading many nominations and they all claim to have the best nominee.

  • Spell-out names, titles, unexplained acronyms and avoid jargon.

You are truly a special colleague to prepare this essay. Your nominee will thank you for it. This submission is an excellent example of great team work. Give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy the nomination process. Remember no self-nominations on individual nominations.

One last request, please encourage others to take part in the Service Excellence Nomination Process.

Thank you for the nomination!