Service Excellence

Organizational Effectiveness Division

Service Excellence Projects

The Service Excellence Projects provide the platform for a higher level of coordination of performance-based partnerships resulting in enhanced student experiences and success. Each president has been asked to lead two projects during the fiscal year. One project should increase service to students. The other project should increase effectiveness and efficiency. At least one of the projects should contain an academic component.

The ultimate goal is to make processes and services an excellent experience, for our customers (students, faculty, staff members, visitors, alumni, and any other individual or group interaction). The service and process improvement strategies work hand-in-hand to provide results. The results should demonstrate the service excellence values: Respectful, Accessible, Supportive, Responsive and Informed.

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Project Fiscal Year
Campus Meal Share Program 2018
Academic Advising & Career Services Collaboration 2018
Website Content Health Checks 2017
Strategic Communications Unit 2017
Enhanced Campus Information & Visitor Services 2016
Enhancing CSU's Digital Film Technician Training Program 2016
Textbook Price Comparison Tool 2015
The EDGE Initiative 2015
Scholarship Accessibility 2015
Student Success Collaborative 2015
Student Success Collaborative 2015
Mystery Shopper Program for Enrollment Management 2013