Both centers and institutes provide an organizational base for research and an opportunity for interdisciplinary activity and involvement in continuing education activities, facilitate efforts to obtain extramural funding, and serve as a link between the academic and professional communities in a given academic area. A center is not an autonomous structure within the organizational structure of the college or university, but an institute may be an autonomous unit. An institute, unlike a center, may offer credit courses and degree programs.

Source: Academic Affairs Handbook, Section 2.15.
Advanced Technology Development Center
Biomedical Interactive Technology Center
Biosciences Center
Broadband Telecommunications Center
CALS Technology Center
Center for Computational Materials Sciences
Center for Dynamical Systems and Nonlinear
Center for Enterprise Systems
Center for Geographic Information Systems
Center for High Yield Pulp Science
Center for Information Management Research
Center for International Business Education
   and Research
Center for International Strategy, Technology,
   and Policy
Center for International Standards and Quality
Center for Manufacturing Information
Center for Optical Science and Engineering
Center for Public Buildings
Center for Rehabilitation Technology
Center for Strategic Improvement
Center for Surface Engineering and Tribology
Center for Sustainable Technology
Center of Excellence in Rotary Wing Aircraft
China/U.S. Professional Exchange Program
Composites Education and Research Center
Composites Manufacturing Research Program
Computational Mechanics Center
Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems
Construction Research Center
DuPree Center for Entrepreneurship and New
   Venture Development
Electronic Packaging Research Center
Emory/Georgia Tech Biomedical Technology
   Research Center
Economic Development Institute
University Center of Excellence for
   Photovoltaics Research and Education
Environmental Resources Center
        Georgia Water Research Institute
        Environmental Radiation Laboratory
Fluid Properties Research Institute
Fusion Research Center
Georgia Center for Advanced
   Telecommunications Technology
Georgia Procurement Assistance Center
Georgia Tech/Medical College Biomedical
   Research and Education Program
Georgia Tech Economic Development
   Administration's University Center
Graphics Visualization and Usability Center
Health Systems Research Center
Indoor Environment Research Consortium
Industrial Assessment Center
Institute for Bioengineering and Biosciences
Interactive Media Technology Center
Manufacturing Research Center
Mechanical Properties Research Laboratory
Microelectronics Research Center
Molecular Design Institute
Neely Nuclear Research Center
Office of Environmental Science, Technology,
   and Policy
Phosphor Technology Center of Excellence
Polymer Education and Research Center
Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Institute
Southeastern Trade Adjustment Assistance
Specialty Separations Center
Sports Materials Research and Technology Center
Technology Policy and Assessment Center
The Logistics Institute
Transportation Research and Education Center

Source: Georgia Institute of Technology, Office of the Vice Provost for Research

Center for Applied Research in Anthropology
Center for Biotechnology and Drug Design
Center for Brain Sciences and Health
Center for Business and Economic Education
Center for Cross-Cultural Education
Center for Environmental Research
Center for Ethics
Center for Executive Education
Center for Gerontology
Center for High-Angular Resolution Astronomy
Center for Human Resource Development
Center for Legal Studies of Financial Institutions
Center for Mature Consumer Studies
Center for Neural Communication and Computation
Center for Risk Management and Insurance Research
Center for Sports Medicine and Sports Science
Center for Study of Regulated Industry
Center for the Study of Adult Literacy
Center for Urban Policy Research
Economic Forecasting Center
Family Education Center
Health Policy Center of Georgia
Institute of Health Administration
Institute of International Business
Interdisciplinary Parent-Infant Resource Center
International Center for Entrepreneurship
Language Research Center
Physical Fitness Center
Policy Research Center
Principals Center
Real Estate Research Center
Small Business Development Center
W.T. Beebe Institute of Personnel and Employment
Women's Studies Institute

Source: Georgia State University Fact Book, 1995-1996

Alzheimer's Research Center
Center for Clinical Investigation
Center for Nursing Research
Center for the Study of Occupational Therapy
Center for the Study of Physical Therapy Education
Clinical Anatomy Center
Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center
Dental Research Center
Ga. Institute for the Prevention of Human Disease
    and Accidents
Ga. Institute of Human Nutrition
Institute of Molecular Medicine and Genetics
Telemedicine Center
Vascular Biology Center

Source: Medical College of Georgia Fact Book, 1996

Agricultural Experiment Stations
Artificial Intelligence Center
James C. Bonbright Utilities Center
Himan Brown Audio Production Center
Center for Advanced Ultrastructural Research
Center for Applied Isotope Studies
Center for Archaeological Sciences
Center for Asian Studies
Center for Audit Research
Center for Biological Resource Recovery
Center for Computational Quantum Chemistry
Center for Economic Education
Center for Educational Technology
Center for Environmental Biotechnology
Center for Family Research
Center for Food Safety and Quality Enhancement
Center for Insurance Education and Research
Center for International Trade and Security
Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Center for Marketing Studies
Center for Metalloenzyme Studies
Center for Plant Cellular and Molecular Biology
Center for Remote Sensing & Mapping Science
Center for Research on Deviance and Behavioral
Center for Simulational Physics
Center for Soybean Improvement
Center for the Study of Global Issues
Coca-Cola Center for International Business
Complex Carbohydrate Research Center
Computational Center for Molecular Structure
    and Design
Computer Software Management and Information
    Center (COSMIC)
Cooperative Extension Service
James M. Cox, Jr. Center for International Mass
    Communication Training & Research
James M. Cox, Jr. Institute for Newspaper
    Management Studies
Curriculum Materials Center
Dowden Center for Telecommunication Studies
Fanning Leadership Center
Fitness Center
Georgia Center for Continuing Education
Georgia Museum of Art
Humanities Center
Institute for African-American Studies
Institute for Behavioral Research
Institute for Natural Products Research
Institute of Community and Area Development
Institute of Continuing Judicial Education of
Institute of Continuing Legal Education in
Institute of Ecology
Institute of Higher Education
Learning Disabilities Center
Marine Sciences Program
        Marine Institute
        Marine Extension Service
        Georgia Sea Grant College Program
        Department of Marine Sciences
McPhaul Children's Programs Center
McPhaul Child and Family Development Center
McPhaul Marriage and Family Therapy Clinic
Muscle Biology Laboratory
National Reading Research Center
National Ultraviolet Monitoring Center
Northeast Georgia Education Opportunity Center
Instructional Resources Center
Poultry Diagnostic Research Center
Ramsey Center for Private Enterprise
Dean Rusk Center for International and
    Comparative Law
Simon S. Selig, Jr. Center for Economic Growth
Small Business Development Center
State Botanical Garden of Georgia
Survey Research Center
Torrance Center for Creative Studies
University Affiliated Program for Persons with
    Developmental Disabilities
University of Georgia Gerontology Center
    University of Georgia Museum of Natural History
University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc.
Veterinary Medical Diagnostic and Investigational
Veterinary Medical Experiment Station
Marilyn Vincent Motor Learning Laboratory
Carl Vinson Institute of Government

Source: University of Georgia Fact Book, 1996

Bureau of Business Research and Economic
Bureau of Public Affairs
Center for Business Simulation and Experiential
Center for Economic Education
Center for Excellence in Banking
Center for Improvement of Math. and Science
Center for Interactive Learning
Center for International Studies
Center for International Business Education
Center for Irish Studies
Center for Logistics and Intermodal Transportation
Center for Management Development
Center for Printability Southern Center for
    Continuing Education
Center for Rehabilitation Technology - Rural
Center for Retailing Studies
Center for Rural Health and Research
Center for Social Gerontology
Coastal Area Teacher Education Services Center
Foreign Language and Cultural Center
Family Life Center
Fort Gordon Center
Georgia Southern Botanical Garden
Georgia Southern University Museum
Georgia Southern Univ. Center for Wildlife
    Education and Lamar Q Ball Raptor Center
Institute of Anthropodology and Parasitology
Job Network Center
Small Business Institute
Southeast Center for Assistive Technology and
    Public Services
The Southern Supplier Network
Tools for Life Center

Source: Office of Institutional Research and Planning

Adult Learning Center
Center for Advancement of Teaching and Learning
Center for Economic Education
Center for Professional and Applied Ethics
Center for Rural Education and Research
Education Technology Training Center
NASSP Principal Assessment Center
South Georgia Institute
South Georgia Leadership Institute
South Georgia Regional Education Center

Source: Office of Institutional Research and Planning

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