The University System Advisory Council has the power to make recommendations to the Chancellor and through him to the Board of Regents regarding educational and administrative matters of concern to the University System. Membership is composed of the Chancellor, the Deputy Chancellor, and the Presidents of the 34 institutions. The Council holds at least one regular meeting each quarter with special meetings held upon the call of the Chancellor. The Advisory Council has both academic and administrative committees which formulate recommendations to be presented to the Advisory Council for consideration. Those matters originating with academic committees are first considered by the Administrative Committee on Academic Affairs prior to consideration by the Advisory Council.

Membership on academic committees is limited to one representative per institution offering work in the field with which the committee is concerned. Administrative committees are of two types: those in which representation consists of one representative from each institution and those with selective representation which are appointed by the Chancellor (Institutional Effectiveness, Research, Testing, Transfer of Credit, and Graduate Work).

Academic Committees Chair 1996-97 Institution
Biological Sciences John Pasto Middle Georgia College
Business Administration, Management, and Economics Jeff Gibbs Abraham Baldwin Agric. College
Chemistry Ronald DeLorenzo Middle Georgia College
Computer Science and Systems Analysis Wanda Evans Macon State College
Criminal Justice
English Ron Swofford DeKalb College
Fine and Applied Arts James Anderson Armstrong Atlantic State Univ.
Foreign Languages James Chestnut North Georgia College
Geological Sciences and Geography Pamela Gore DeKalb College
Health Professions S. Frances Brown Valdosta State University
History John H. Kohler, III Clayton College & State Univ.
Home Economics Jeanie Doss Abraham Baldwin Agric. College
Learning Support Elizabeth Ragsdale Darton College
Libraries Bill Nelson Augusta State University
Mathematical Subjects Arthur Sparks Georgia Southern University
Philosophy Ronald L. Barnett Valdosta State University
Physical Education, Health Education, and Recreation Debbie Dowdy Coastal Ga. Community College
Physics Ron Ezell Augusta State University
Political Science Dwight Cassity Floyd College
Psychology Donaldrian Rice State University of West Ga.
Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work Ralph Peters Floyd College
Teacher Education Sam Deitz Georgia State University
College & University Advancement Robert R. McGinis Georgia State University
Academic Affairs Morgan Stapleton Coastal Georgia Comm. College
Affirmative Action Linda Nelson Georgia State University
Assessment of Institutional Effectiveness James Nichols Georgia Southern University
Information Technology Gordon Wishon Georgia Institute of Technology
Fiscal Affairs
Graduate Work Emma Simon Armstrong Atlantic State Univ.
Institutional Public Relations and Information Services Ann Watson Southern Polytechnic State Univ.
Institutional Research and Planning Jackie Stewart Augusta State University
Public Service/Continuing Education Cuba S. McKay Valdosta State University
Records and Admissions Kenneth Foshee South Georgia College
Research Administration Malcolm Kling Medical College of Georgia
Student Affairs Charles Bowen Dalton College


The purpose of the Student Advisory Council (S.A.C.) is to provide a forum for communication and recommendation among students enrolled in University System institutions and the Chancellor, the Board of Regents, state government, and the public, concerning problems and issues in student-related areas. Membership is composed of one elected officer from each of the institutions. The S.A.C. meets at least once annually and works closely with an advisor from the Chancellor's staff as well as the Chancellor. The Council also meets annually with the Board to present a report of its activities and recommendations.

Officers, 1996-97
Jimmy McEver, Chair John Trainor, Secretary
Georgia Institute of Technology Georgia Institute of Technology
Robert Flournoy, Vice Chair Natasha Hendriz, Treasurer
Georgia State University Augusta State College

Source: The Policy Manual; Statutes and Bylaws of the University System Advisory Council; Academic Affairs Handbook, 1997; Statutes of the University System of Georgia Student Advisory Council

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