OneUSG Connect


Current Release

OneUSG Connect Release 3.12 - 06/15/18

Items Addressed in Current Release

* Savings Plan Enrollments Changes

Commitment Accounting
* Purchasing Power Updates to Automated Wire Process
* Purchasing Power Updates to Money Movement Journal Process
* New Data Integrity Report
* Modifications to the Invalid Funding Report

Manage Faculty Events
* Create Tenure Data Statuses

Human Resources
* Modifications to Department of Labor Separation Report
* New Retirement Date Option for Queries
* New Social Security Number Requirements in Personal Data
* New Zip Code Requirements in Personal Data
* Modification of Override Position Data Access

Self Service
* Enhancements to MSS Inquiry Page
* Security Changes to “Submit Request to Change Time and Absence Approver” Form
* Issues Fixed with “Submit Manager Self Service Request” Form
* New Georgia State University Pre-Hire/CWR Form (GSU Only)
* Updates to Smoker Status Field

* Look Up View Changes for General Deductions (SSC Only)
* Effective Date Field Added to the Company Table (OneUSG Connect Support Only)
* Automated Adjustments Modifications
* Custom Payroll Presheet Audit Report
* New Process for Deduction Subset (SSC Only)
* Purchasing Power Implementation

* Security Role Changes for Employees Terminated Due to Retirement
* Changes to Number of Approvers on Maintain Department Approvals Page

Schedule of Future Releases

Release Number Tentative Release Date Primary Purpose
OneUSG Connect Release 3.14 August 18, 2018
OneUSG COnnect Release 3.16 October 19, 2018

Previous Releases

Date Release
04/27/18 OneUSG Connect Release 3.10
03/23/18 OneUSG Connect Release 3.0
02/16/18 OneUSG Connect Release 2.12
01/25/18 OneUSG Connect Release 2.11
12/15/17 OneUSG Connect Release 2.0
11/11/17 OneUSG Connect Release 1.30
09/30/17 OneUSG Connect Release 1.20
08/19/17 OneUSG Connect Release 1.16
06/27/17 OneUSG Connect Release 1.10