OneUSG Connect

Known Issues

Active Known Issues
No. Posted/Modified Known Issue Module Status
KI9.2-008-HRS 2020-09-16 Error When Entering Major or Viewing Degree on Job Application General Active
KI9.2-016-ESS 2020-09-14 State Charitable Contributions Program Issue Self Service Active
KI9.2-022-CA 2020-09-01 The Enc Calc Incorrectly Processed OVL Enc to Acct 511115 Commitment Accounting Active
KI9.2-025-BN 2020-08-19 Retirement Enrollment Emails are Unnecessarily Being Sent to Some Employees Benefits Reconciliation Active
KI9.2-024-BN 2020-08-11 Retirement @ Work Census File is Not Holding Employee Termination Records Benefits Reconciliation Active
KI9.2-015-ESS 2020-08-10 Some Employees are Unable to Access Paychecks via Mobile Phones General Active
KI9.2-003-OTH 2020-07-27 PeopleSoft Query Issues Human Resources Active
KI9.2-007-HRS 2020-06-30 Accurate Integration for Background Checks not Functioning General Active
KI9.2-005-HRS 2020-06-08 Notification Issue in OneUSG Connect Careers General Active
KI9.2-014-HR 2020-05-19 Updated 5.19.2020- Hire Action Error- Data Conflicts with Existing Data Human Resources Active
KI9.2-003-BP 2020-05-07 Budget Prep Load Will Not Create Job Rows for Entries with JED by Amount General Active
KI9.2-018-CA 2020-04-10 Changes Only Encumbrance Calculation Commitment Accounting Active
KI9.2-010-MFE 2020-04-08 Tenure Data Record Saving Without Required Field ‘Rank Tenure Home’ Populated Faculty Events Active
KI9.2-010-TL 2020-04-03 Auto-Meal Deduction Issue for Webclock Employees Time and Labor Active
KI9.2-011-HR 2020-02-19 Manage Transactions (Smart HR) Error Message When Adding Additional Job Human Resources Active
KI9.2-010-HR 2020-01-17 Pay Group is Erroneously Changing in Job Data Human Resources Active
KI9.2-008-TL 2020-01-09 Absence Requests With No Work Flow Status Time and Labor Active
KI9.2-016-CA 2019-12-20 MCOP Fringe Encumbrances Commitment Accounting Active
KI9.2-014-PY 2019-07-03 Incorrect Leave Balances on ESS Pay Statements Payroll Active
KI9.2-004-TL 2018-12-19 Issue with Additional Straight Time Time and Labor Active

Resolved Known Issues
No. Posted/Modified Known Issue Module Status
KI9.2-005-ABS 2020-09-09 Manager Should Not Approve Absences from the Approvals Tile Absence Management Resolved
KI9.2-013-ESS 2020-09-03 Updating Mailing Address in Employee Self Service Self Service Resolved
KI9.2-017-PY 2020-09-03 Some Rehired Employees Have New Tax Row Created Payroll Resolved
KI9.2-023-BN 2020-09-02 Archived FY17 PERS_SERV_BOR Causing Reconciliation Errors on Some Accounts Benefits Reconciliation Resolved
KI9.2-006-MSS 2020-09-02 Known Issue: KI9.2-006-MSS: Delegation Issues (Resolved) Self Service Resolved
KI9.2-015-PY 2020-08-31 Year to Date ORP and Voluntary Retirement Contributions Incorrect on ESS Pay Statement Payroll Resolved
KI9.2-021-CA 2020-08-19 Change Position Funding Update (BORDBEUPD) Showing Error Message Commitment Accounting Resolved
KI9.2-013-PY 2020-07-29 Known Issue: KI9.2-013-PY: Error Message on Pre Sheet Audit Report (Resplved) Payroll Resolved
KI9.2-011-TL 2020-07-22 Comp Time Query is Pulling Incorrect Results Time and Labor Resolved
KI9.2-007-MSS 2020-07-21 Approvers are Unable to Open Attachments for MSS Transactions Self Service Resolved
KI9.2-006-HRS 2020-07-09 Known Issue: KI9.2-006-HRS: Intermittent Issues with Offer Letters Not Being Generated (Resolved) General Resolved
KI9.2-020-CA 2020-05-15 Express Direct Retro Error – Submit Button Grayed Out Commitment Accounting Resolved
KI9.2-019-CA 2020-05-15 Express Direct Retro Error – File Attachment Feature Commitment Accounting Resolved
KI9.2-015-CA 2020-05-15 Express Direct Retro Error - Save Ad Hoc Button Commitment Accounting Resolved
KI9.2-021-BN 2020-04-21 Delayed Alight Files Benefits Administration Resolved
KI9.2-022-BN 2020-04-14 Delay in PIF and BDEF Updates Benefits Administration Resolved
KI9.2-020-BN 2020-03-25 Retirement @ Work Website May Be Unavailable for Some Employees Benefits Administration Resolved
KI9.2-009-TL 2020-03-23 Issue with Updating Job on Employees Enrolled in F & P Pay-Groups Time and Labor Resolved
KI9.2-014-ESS 2020-03-22 W4 Tax Info Not Updating Correctly Self Service Resolved
KI9.2-005-TL 2020-03-20 Users Receive Connection Expiration Message Time and Labor Resolved