OneUSG Connect

Known Issues

Active Known Issues
No. Posted/modified Known Issue Module Status
KI9.2-011-CA 2018-06-19 Money Movement Process Did Not Complete for Pay Run 86B1 Commitment Accounting Active
KI9.2-005-ABS 2018-06-19 Approving Absences from Approvals Tile Causing Absences to be Re-Processed Absence Management Active
KI9.2-003-ABS 2018-06-06 Shared Pool and Leave Transfer Not Working as Oracle Delivered Absence Management Active
KI9.2-002-MSS 2018-04-26 Manager Self Service Pages Fail to Display Before and After Information Self Service Active
KI9.2-005-ESS 2018-04-16 Not All Tiles Are Showing on Mobile Devices Self Service Active
KI9.2-002-BN 2018-04-12 Primary Job Process for Benefits Deductions Not Working as Expected Benefits Administration Active
KI9.2-009-CA 2018-04-05 Duplicate Combo Codes Cause Failed Processes Commitment Accounting Active
KI9.2-008-CA 2018-04-05 Cohort 1 Only: Direct Retros Cannot Be Approved from a Prior Fiscal Year Commitment Accounting Active
KI9.2-005-CA 2018-04-04 Department Budget Table Not Updated When Project/Grant End Dates Change - Updated April 4, 2018 Commitment Accounting Active
KI9.2-003-TL 2018-02-07 KABA Time Clocks Displaying Incorrect User Information Time and Labor Active
KI9.2-002-ABS 2018-01-25 Education Support Leave is Going Uncompensated During Payroll Processing Absence Management Active

Resolved Known Issues
No. Posted/modified Known Issue Module Status
KI9.2-003-PY 2017-09-13 TSA and ORP Deduction Amounts Not Displaying Correctly on Statements Payroll Resolved
KI9.2-006-ESS 2018-06-19 Smoker Status Field in Personal Details Self Service Resolved
KI9.2-004-MFE 2018-06-19 Service Calc Group Field on Create Tenure Data Does Not Display Selected Value Manage Faculty Events Resolved
KI9.2-007-CA 2018-06-01 Integration Broker Messages from GeorgiaFIRST Financials are not Reaching OneUSG Connect Commitment Accounting Resolved
KI9.2-010-CA 2018-05-18 TSA/ORP Split Process Unsuccessful for 84M1 and 85X1 Pay Runs Commitment Accounting Resolved
KI9.2- 004-ABS 2018-05-11 Absence Request Cancellation Error and Notification Issue Absence Management Resolved
KI9.2-007-PY 2018-04-27 Biweekly Employee Pay Statements Showing Incorrect Description for Deductions Payroll Resolved
KI9.2-006-HR 2018-04-27 Institution Seniority Date Not Equal to Institution Hire Date Human Resources Resolved
KI9.2-001-MSS 2018-04-11 Notification Flag Not Working for Delegation Proxies Self Service Resolved
KI9.2-007-HR 2018-04-09 Incorrect Business Emails Listed in Personal Data Human Resources Resolved
Cohort 3 Active Known Issues 2018-04-02 Cohort 3 Active Known Issues: Updated April 2, 2018 at 10 a.m. General Resolved
KI9.2-004-CA 2018-03-29 Encumbrance Calculation is Incorrect for 10-Month Employees Commitment Accounting Resolved
KI9.2-003-ESS 2018-03-26 Monthly Schedule Tile Not Working Self Service Resolved
OneUSG Connect Login Issue 2018-03-25 OneUSG Connect Single Sign-On Intermittent Login Issue System Issue Resolved
KI9.2-004-ABS 2018-03-23 Email Notifications Being Generated to Approve Absence Requests - Updated March 23 at 4:30 p.m. Absence Management Resolved
KI9.2-006-PY 2018-03-02 Biweekly Employee Pay Statements Showing Incorrect Year-to-Date ORP and TSA Contribution Amount Payroll Resolved
KI9.2-003-MFE 2018-02-23 Description on Rank Tenure Home May Display Incorrectly Manage Faculty Events Resolved
KI9.2-004-HR 2018-02-20 New Positions Are Saving and Submitting Without a Paygroup Human Resources Resolved
KI9.2-005-HR 2018-02-20 Unable to Create a New Department Using the “Add a New Value” Tab Human Resources Resolved
KI9.2-005-PY 2018-02-20 Loading Automated Adjustments More Than Once Causing Multiple Employee Transactions Payroll Resolved