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Hiring a New Full-Time Benefits Eligible Employee (HR006.08 / USGKB0011772)

Updated 9/13/2020

Adding a New Non-Paid Affiliate (HR009.05 / USGKB0011780)

Updated 9/15/2020

Promoting an Employee Within the Same Institution (HR014.04 / USGKB0011733)

Updated 8/27/2020

Hiring a Retired Employee (HR015.08)

Updated 6/10/2017

Rehiring an Employee within 30 Days of Termination (HR015.09)

Updated 6/10/2017

How Do I Place an Employee on a Leave of Absence? (HR045.08 / USGKB0011174)

Updated 6/3/2017

Returning an Employee from a Leave of Absence (HR045.09)

Updated 6/3/2017

Placing an Employee on a Short Work Break (HR045.10)

Updated 6/3/2017

Returning an Employee from a Short Work Break (HR045.11)

Updated 6/3/2017

Placing a Disabled Employee Not Retirement Eligible on a Leave of Absence (HR045.12 / USGKB0011797)

Updated 9/18/2020

Adding a New Department (HR047.01 / USGKB0011667)

Updated 8/24/2020

Adding a New Position (HR050.04 / USGKB0011647)

Updated 8/14/2020

Updating the Budget Amount on a Position (HR050.05 / USGKB0011644)

Updated 8/13/2020

Inactivating a Position (HR050.06 / USGKB0011645)

Updated 8/13/2020

Terminate an Employee (HR051.01)

Updated 2/16/2018

Hire a New Employee (HR_JA002)

Updated 9/24/2019

Dual Appointment Setup Flow (HR065)

Updated 6/16/2017

Setup Dual Appointment - Home Institution (HR_JA004)

Updated 7/15/2019

Setup Dual Appointment - Requesting Institution (HR_JA005)

Updated 7/15/2019

Setup Borrowed Employee - Requesting Institution (HR_JA006)

Updated 7/15/2019

Short Work Break and Return from Work Break (HR_JA010)

Updated 7/15/2019

Adding a New USG Affiliate (HR009.06 / USGKB0011670)

Updated 8/24/2020

USG Affiliate and Non-Paid Affiliate Types (HR_JA011 / USGKB0011626)

Updated 8/11/2020

Employement Date Mapping from ADP (HR_JA012)

Updated 5/10/2018

Summer Faculty Hiring (HR_JA013)

Updated 4/18/2019

Terminating Deceased Retirees and Survivors (HR_JA014)

Updated 5/23/2018

2019 Merit Increases in Job Data (HR_JA015 / USGKB0011164)

Updated 8/31/2020

2019 Merit Increase Mass Load (HR_JA016 / USGKB0011165)

Updated 8/26/2020

Rescinding/Terminating Retirement (HR_JA017 / USGKB0011166)

Updated 9/14/2020

Suspending Retirement (HR_JA018)

Updated 12/04/2018

Excluding EEs from Retirement Plan Auto Enrollment (HR_JA019 / USGKB0011588)

Updated 12/28/2018

Updating a Position (HR_JA020 / USGKB0011800)

Updated 9/21/2020

Maintain Time Reporter Data Logic (HR_RA022 / USGKB0011625)


Excluding USG Rehired Retirees from Retirement Plan Auto Enrollment (HR_JA023 / USGKB0011169)


Pay Group Compensation Frequency Matrix (HR_RA024)


Retirement Plan Auto Enroll/Termination (HR_RA025 / USGKB0011742)

Updated 08/28/2020

10 Month Faculty Summer Positions Scenarios Reference Aid (HR_RA026)


Terminating Deceased Active Employees (HR_JA027 / USGKB0011728)


Date Field Definitions - Personal & Job Data (HR_RA028 / USGKB0011646)


2020 FLSA Data Changes (HR_JA035)

New! 12/05/2019

2020 FLSA Data Changes Data Entry Checklist (HR_JA036)

New! 12/05/2019

How Do I Enter/Update FN Employees and Affiliates (Citizenship/Passport & Visa/Permit)?

Updated 5/6/2020

Citizenship/Passport Data Reference Aid (HR_RA038)

New! 12/16/2019

Retiring a USG Employee and Processing VPO (HR_JA031)

Updated 4/8/2020

FFCRA Reduced Rate Calculator

New! 4/6/2020

How Do I Place Employees on a Paid Leave Absence Due to FFCRA? (PRA Job Aid)

Updated 06/08/2020

How Do I Create a Job Code?


FN with Temporary Social Security Number (BP Process Flow)

New 06/19/2020

Update Social Security Number for Foreign National (BP Process Flow)

New 06/19/2020

How Do I Enter Eligibility for Rehire in OneUSG Connect? (USGKB0011657)

New 08/17/2020