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Absence Management
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Verifying ABS Enrollment for Biweekly Employees (ABS001.02.01 / USGKB0011656)

Updated 08/17/2020

Verifying ABS Enrollment for Monthly Employees (ABS001.02.02 / USGKB0011656)

Updated 9/10/2020

Verifying Time Reporter Set Up (ABS001.02.03)

Updated 6/3/2017

How Do I View an Employee's Absence Eligibility? (ABS002.01/USGKB0011637)

Updated 6/3/2017

Entering an Absence Request Using the Timesheet (ABS003.02)

Updated 8/20/2019

Requesting an Extended Absence Using the Navigator Menu (ABS004.04)

Updated 8/20/2019

Approving an Extended Absence Request Using the Navigator Menu (ABS004.05)

Updated 8/20/2019

Entering Intermittent FMLA Leave (ABS004.06)

Updated 6/3/2017

Approving Intermittent FMLA Leave (AM004.07)

Updated 6/3/2017

Entering a Leave Adjustment Using the Navigation Menu (AM006.03)

Updated 6/3/2017

Viewing Absence Balances Using the Navigator Menu (AM006.05 / USGKB0011674)

Updated 8/21/2020

Reviewing Off-Cycle Payee Status (AM008.06 / USGKB0011764)

Updated 9/9/2020

Creating an Off-Cycle Absence Request (AM008.07 / USGKB0011761)

Updated 9/8/2020

Creating an Off-Cycle Absence Calendar Group (AM008.08 / USGKB0011746)

Updated 8/31/2020

Running the Off-cycle Calculate Absence and Payroll Process (AM008.09 / USGKB0011767)

Updated 9/10/2020

Running the Off-Cycle Calculate Absence and Payroll Process in Fainlize Mode (AM008.10 / USGKB0011768)

Updated 9/10/2020

Running the Off-Cycle Absence Conversion Process (AM008.11 / USGKB0011766)

Updated 9/10/2020

Running the Calculate Absence Process (AM015.01 / USGKB0011770)

Updated 9/10/2020

Validating Calculate Absence Processing Results (AM015.02 / USGKB0011769)

Updated 9/10/2020

Running the Finalize Absence Process (AM015.03 / USGKB0011765)

Updated 9/9/2020

Running the Absence Conversion Process (AM015.04)

Updated 6/3/2017

Viewing Absence Information After Calculate Absence Runs (AM015.06)

Updated 6/3/2017

Absence Conversion Template (ABS_JA001)

Updated 8/22/2017

Calculating and Finalizing Absences Template (ABS_JA002 / USGKB0011799)

Updated 9/21/2020

Comp Time Payout at Fiscal Year End (ABS_JA003)

Updated 4/07/2020

Compensated Absences Report (PRA Job Aid)

Updated 06/29/2020

Shared Leave Pool (ABS_JA005)

Updated 03/30/2020

FMLA Processing Continuous (Non-Intermittent) (ABS_JA006)

Updated 12/11/2018

FMLA Intermittent (ABS_JA007)

Updated 9/12/2018

Unprocessed FMLA During LOA (ABS_JA008)

Updated 9/12/2018

Summer Faculty Leave Accrual (ABS_JA009/USGKB0011152)

Updated 08/06/2020

Cascading Rules Matrix (ABS_RA010)

New! 10/15/2019

How Do I Code Emergency Paid Sick Leave and Expanded FMLA Due to FFCRA? (PRA Job Aid)

Updated 06/08/2020

How Do I Process Military Leave? (USGKB0011634)

New! 08/10/2020