Center for Leadership Excellence

Encouraging and supporting leadership development throughout the University System

USO Leading for Success

USO Leading for SuccessUSO Leading for Success addresses the learning and development needs of leaders within the University System Office. The blended learning program offers leadership assessments, executive coaching, face-to-face learning sessions, and various online modules tailored to the leaders’ specific development needs.

Goal: Build leadership capabilities that will create and sustain a high performance organization to effectively support USG institutions, to meet the System’s strategic goals and priorities, and to ultimately enhance the learning experience of USG students.


  • Increase leaders’ self-awareness and personal accountability for professional learning and development;
  • Develop leaders’ competencies and provide the tools leaders need to effectively understand their roles and responsibilities and increase their personal and organizational effectiveness;
  • Increase personal and organizational effectiveness; and
  • Establish a network of leaders to facilitate knowledge sharing and peer support.

Leading for Success

Target audience: Supervisors, managers, aspiring managers

Content: 360 Assessment, The Leadership Challenge, Management topics, Peer Coaching, Online Learning

Leading for Success

Target audience: Directors/Executive Directors, Associate/Assistant Vice Chancellors

Commitment: January – April (4 months)

Content: 360 Assessment, Leadership Assessment, Executive Coaching, Individual Development Planning, Action Learning Project, The Leadership Challenge, Select Roundtable topics, Online Learning

Leading for Success

Target audience: Executive Vice Chancellors/Vice Chancellors

Content: 360 Assessment, Executive Coaching, Select Executive Roundtable topics: Innovation, Emotional Intelligence, Systems Thinking