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Workplace Violence

Citation Reference  
Official Title Policy on Workplace Violence
Abbreviated Title Workplace Violence
Volume Human Resources
Responsible Office Human Resources
Originally issued
Revised December 2007

Policy Statement

The University System of Georgia is committed to the prevention of workplace violence and the maintenance of a respectful working environment. A safe and secure environment is a fundamental prerequisite for fulfilling the University mission of teaching, research and public service. The University reaffirms the basic right of employees to a safe and humane working environment.

Reason for Policy

This policy reinforces the institution’s commitment to provide a safe workplace for all employees and reduce the potential for violence.

Entities Affected By This Policy

All units of the University System of Georgia are covered by this policy.

Who Should Read This Policy

All employees within the University System of Georgia should be aware of this policy.


Contact Phone Email/URL
Office of Human Resources 404-962-3235
Institution Chief Human Resources Officers See University System HR Officer Listing at
Institution Chief Legal Affairs Officer and USG Legal Affairs USG: 404-962-3255
Institutions: refer to their directory.
Institutions: refer to their directory
Institution Chief Public Safety Institutions should refer to their directory

Website Address for This Policy


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These definitions apply to these terms as they are used in this policy:

  • Board of Regents: The governing body of the University System of Georgia


The University System will not tolerate any type of workplace violence committed by or against employees. Workplace violence, for the purpose of this policy, is defined as any physical assault, threatening behavior or verbal abuse occurring in the work setting.

Threats, threatening conduct, or any other acts of aggression or violence in the workplace will not be tolerated. Violations of the workplace violence policy will be met with appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.

To make deliberate false accusations of workplace violence violates this policy. In such instances, the complainant will be subject to disciplinary action. However, failure to prove a claim of workplace violence does not constitute proof of a false and/or malicious accusation.

Employees who, in good faith, report what they believe to be workplace violence or who cooperate in any investigation will not be subjected to retaliation.


The responsibilities each party has in connection with the Policy on workplace violence are:

Party Responsibility
Vice Chancellor for Human Resources, USG Ensure compliance with policy.
Institution Chief Human Resources Officers Ensure compliance with policy.
Institution Chief Legal Affairs Officer and USG Legal Affairs To respond to policy questions and to ensure compliance occurs.
Institution Chief Public Safety To maintain a safe institutional environment.





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