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Citation Reference  
Official Title Policy on Sick Leave without Pay
Abbreviated Title Sick Leave without Pay
Volume Human Resources
Responsible Office Human Resources
Originally issued

Policy Statement

The University System of Georgia has established a policy to allow for sick leave without pay for all benefits eligible employees.

Reason for Policy

The University System recognizes the need for employees to have legitimate absences from work. This policy ensures general consistency among institutions of the University System.

Entities Affected By This Policy

All units of the University System of Georgia are covered by this policy.

Who Should Read This Policy

All Human Resources personnel within the University System of Georgia should be aware of this policy.


Contact Phone Email/URL
Office of Human Resources 404-962-3235
Institution Chief Human Resources Officers See University System HR Officer Listing at

Website Address for This Policy


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Any employee unable to return to work after exhausting all accumulated sick leave and accrued vacation leave may be granted sick leave without pay for a period not to exceed one (1) year. Furthermore, such approved sick leave shall allow the employee the right to elect to continue his or her group insurance benefits, and the institution will continue its share of the cost for such period. All other benefits are prohibited which otherwise would accrue to the employee.


Each institution shall establish procedures to implement this policy.


The responsibilities each party has in connection with the Policy on are:

Party Responsibility
Vice Chancellor for Human Resources, USG Maintain and revise sick leave policy as appropriate.
Institution Chief Human Resources Officers Each institution shall establish and maintain an adequate control system for recording employee leave.





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