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Citation Reference  
Official Title Policy on Employee Recognition Programs
Abbreviated Title Employee Recognition Programs
Volume Human Resources
Responsible Office Human Resources
Originally issued
Revised June 2008

Policy Statement

Appropriate awards denoting various lengths of service are encouraged and may be presented as determined by each institution. State funds may not be used for the purchase of awards unless the total dollar value of the award is of a de minimis nature; which is $50 or less. If the total dollar value of the award is greater than $50, then each institution must obtain its own outside source of funds for such a program.

Reason for Policy

This policy clarifies that it is permissible for institutions to develop and administer employee recognition programs and ensures that institutions are aware of the requirement fund such programs with non-state sources.

Entities Affected By This Policy

All units of the University System of Georgia are covered by this policy.

Who Should Read This Policy

All Human Resources personnel and employees within the University System of Georgia should be aware of this policy.


Contact Phone Email/URL
Office of Human Resources 404-962-3235
Institution Chief Human Resources Officers See University System HR Officer Listing at

Website Address for This Policy


Related Documents/Resources

Gratuity Policy




Institutions are encouraged to develop programs to recognize employees for length of service and meritorious performance. Awards may be taxable and, therefore, must be processed through institutional payroll.


Each institution shall establish procedures to implement and comply with this policy


The responsibilities each party has in connection with this policy are:

Party Responsibility
Vice Chancellor for Human Resources, USG Maintain and revise policy as appropriate.
Institution Chief Human Resources Officers Each institution shall establish and maintain an adequate procedure for implementing this policy, if the institution has an employee recognition program
Institution Payroll Office To assist in determining taxable amount





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