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Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) Frequently Asked Questions

Are my spouse and/or dependents eligible to participate in TAP?:
No, only full-time benefits-eligible employees may participate in the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP).

Are part-time, temporary full-time, or, adjunct employees eligible to participate in TAP?:

How do I register if I wish to enroll in more than nine academic semester credit hours during a specific academic semester?:
One may register for academic semester credit hours in excess of nine during his/her regular student registration assigned time period. One may then register for a TAP course(s) during employee registration; designated fees and tuition will be waived by the end of late registration. The remaining balance should appear after the waiver of nine credit hours.

How will I know when to register at the institution I am attending?:
All employee registration dates will be posted and maintained on the Board of Regents (BOR) official website at

Do I need to fill out a TAP application for every semester?:
Yes. Please be informed, however, that one application will suffice for both the Maymester and the Summer sessions.

What if my six months of employment ends after the TAP application deadline, but before classes begin?:
In an instance such as this, one would not be eligible to attend courses under the TAP program. One may enroll in TAP for the following semester.

If I am changing my employment from one University System of Georgia (USG) institution to a different USG institution, will I be required to complete a new six month provisional period of employment?:
No, unless there is a break in service of greater than 30 calendar days.

What happens if I drop a course after the late registration period ends?:
One would be ineligible for TAP for one semester.

Can I receive more than one degree under TAP?:

Are graduate degrees eligible under TAP?:
Yes, except for executive total cost programs as indicated in the TAP policy.

Can a nine-month contract faculty member whose contract is renewed for the next academic year enroll in summer sessions under TAP?:

Why is there a separate registration period for USG employees?:
Eligible USG employees may participate in TAP on a space-available basis, only. Therefore, the employee registration period follows the regular registration period.

Can I attend an out-of-state institution under TAP?:

Are private in-state colleges covered by TAP?:

Are on-line degree programs covered by TAP?:
On-line degree programs offered by USG institutions are covered by TAP at full Board approved tuition amount.

Are DTAE programs covered by TAP?:
No, however the HOPE grant may apply in certain cases.

Can I audit a course(s) under TAP?:
No. Only courses taken for credit are eligible under TAP.

Is the application fee waived under TAP?:

Are executive/premier graduate programs eligible under TAP?:
Yes, except for executive total cost programs offered by University of Georgia, Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia State University and Kennesaw State University per TAP policy exclusions.

Are continuing education courses covered by TAP?:

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