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Key Dates

Approximate date (2019) Key steps
January 7

  • If you currently invest with an eliminated provider, select a new provider(s) for contributions beginning with the April 30, 2019, monthly payroll and choose investments.
  • Review investments outlined in the Guide to New Investments.

January 24 Group education sessions begin. See a full schedule and sign up at
April 19 This is the last day to select a new provider(s) and choose investments if you currently invest with an eliminated provider.

Current investors with Ameriprise, AXA, First Investors, Lincoln Financial Group, MassMutual, Primerica, USAA, Voya and Waddell and Reed:

If you don’t make a selection, you will be defaulted to TIAA as your provider, will be enrolled in a new TIAA account, and your contributions will be directed to the default fund for the plans, the Vanguard Target Date Institutional Fund that corresponds with your projected retirement date based on your age.

Current investors with Peach State Reserves 401(k)/457(b):

If you do not select a new provider, your contributions to Peach State Reserves will stop with the April 30, 2019: monthly payroll, and a new account will not be opened for you at TIAA. You may enroll in the 403(b) plan, 457(b) plan or both.

The week ending April 26 Plans administered by individual institutions merge into new systemwide 403(b) and 457(b) plans.
April 30 First contributions are directed to the new merged plans using the new lineups at each of the three providers.
Between April 30 and May 10 Existing account balances transfer to the new lineups and new accounts are created, where applicable. Please refer to the Guide to New Investments for details.
July Retirement@Work online portal is available to help you manage your account.

Your First Contribution to the New Investment Lineup

Monthly Employees - April 30 Pay Date - Posted on May 1*

Vendor Plan Transition Date to New Investment Lineup
TIAA All May 1
Fidelity ORP May 10
Fidelity 403(b) & 457(b) May 1
VALIC/AIG All - Existing Participants May 7
VALIC/AIG All - Existing Participants May 1

Biweekly Employees - May 10 Pay Date - Posted on May 10

Vendor Plan Transition Date to New Investment Lineup
TIAA All May 10
Fidelity All May 10
VALIC/AIG All May 10