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Family Status Changes

Making Changes to Your Benefits

You are able to make a mid-year change to your benefits coverage as a result of a Life Status change or Family Status change. In order to make a change, you must complete the following steps within 30 days of the qualifying event:

• Process your enrollment or election change on the OneUSG Connect – Benefits website

• Provide proof of your status change event

Common Family Status Changes

  • Birth or adoption of a child (including stepchildren and legally placed foster children)
  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Death of a spouse or dependent
  • Change in employment status of a spouse
  • Loss or gain of other coverage through a spouse
  • Becoming Medicare or Medicaid eligible

The benefits enrollment changes must be consistent with the Family Status change. For example, for birth of a child, you may add dependents to coverage but not drop dependents from coverage.

Effective Date of Coverage

The Family Status change must be requested within 30 days of the date of the event. For all life events, except birth/adoption of a child, coverage will be effective as of the first of the next month. Birth or adoption of a child will be effective the date of the birth or adoption.

If documentation is required for your specific qualifying event, you will be required to submit the documentation to the Dependent Verification Services through OneUSG Connect – Benefits, otherwise coverage will be canceled.

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