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When it comes to keeping you and your family healthy, USG offers four healthcare plans:

Consumer Choice HSA Comprehensive Care BlueChoice HMO Kaiser Permanente (KP) HMO
Provided by BCBSGa, this is the only healthcare plan that provides you with access to a Health Savings Account (HSA). This BCBSGa plan offers coverage for both in-network and out-of-network providers. You receive benefits when your care is coordinated by your BCBSGa primary care physician. You receive benefits when your care is coordinated by your KP primary care physician.
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Which plan is right for you?
The Plan Comparison Tool helps you find the option that fits you best. Check it out today.

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Save money with Castlight
The cost of healthcare can vary. If you’re a BCBSGa member, use Castlight to find the best values.

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See a doctor 24/7 with LiveHealth Online
For BCBSGa members, talk face-to-face with a doctor online – even get a prescription, if necessary. The copay is just $15 for Comprehensive Care and BlueChoice HMO members. Consumer Choice HSA members will have a reduced negotiated rate, prior to reaching the annual deductible.

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Learn more
Check out the 2016 Comparison Guide for details about healthcare coverage, including rates, deductibles and copays.


CVS/caremark is the pharmacy benefit manager for employees enrolled in BCBSGa healthcare plans. CVS/caremark can help you save time and money, whether you fill prescriptions at a network retail pharmacy or choose convenient mail service for refills.

  • Get your prescriptions mailed to your home
    Save on the cost of long-term maintenance medicine by having a 90-day supply mailed safely to your home, office or other location. Register and learn more at
  • Find a pharmacy
    Use the CVS/caremark Pharmacy Locator to find a pharmacy near me.
  • Create or log in to your secure personal online account
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Pay less for care at CVS MinuteClinic®
For BCBSGa members, this is a more affordable option than a visit to the doctor’s office, with a copay as low as $15!

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Enrolled in the Consumer Choice HSA plan?
Learn how to save money on preventive medications!

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Learn more
Get details about prescription drug benefits in the 2016 Comparison Guide.

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