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INGRESS Product Release Calendars

ITS Projected Release DateRelease TitleDescription
December 2019INGRESS 8.3
  • Data files will be available for the Section Report and Enrollment Count Summary Report.
  • Email address will be added as a search option for the User, Class Roster, Attendance Verification & Grade and Student Analytics reports.
  • The final disposition of a course section or enrollment that was previously on-hold will be added to related notifications that are distributed to administrators.
  • New sending sections in INGRESS that are updated prior to being transferred to the LMS will be processed successfully.
  • Faculty Console: The INGRESS Attendance Verification feature will be modified to enable instructors to always be able to submit blank entries for dropped/withdrawn students.
  • INGRESS performance and productivity improvements.
March 2020INGRESS 9.0
  • Shared Course Sections Report-Only institutions that have sending sections for the term will be included in the ‘Select Institution’ drop-down list.
  • Information for current USG institutions only will be available from the Help Tab/INGRESS Campus Administrators, ‘Add New User’ and other functions.
  • INGRESS performance improvements.
June 2020INGRESS 9.1
  • Email address will be added as a search option for the Class Billing Report.
  • The duration of institution-specific INGRESS processes will be logged to improve monitoring.
  • Institutions will be turned off for INGRESS processing if fatal errors are detected during data extraction or update of INGRESS related data in their Banner systems.
  • INGRESS performance and usability improvements.
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