Finding Peer-Reviewed Articles in GALILEO

The following tutorial will provide you with directions for locating scholarly, peer-reviewed articles from GALILEO Scholar.

First, what does “peer-reviewed” mean?

Articles that are peer-reviewed have been vetted by experts and scholars in a particular field of study to judge the article's scholarly merit, research value, and accuracy.

Now, let's take a look at how you can find peer-reviewed articles in GALILEO.

There are many resources in GALILEO that provide access to scholarly, peer-reviewed articles.

Many databases that include scholarly journals will feature an option for limiting a search to articles that have been peer reviewed or are considered scholarly.

Each database may label the option differently.

The most common labels are “peer-reviewed,” “scholarly,” “academic,” and "refereed."

Here are examples of search screens for three different databases, Academic Search Complete, Research Library, and Wilson OmniFile.

Within each interface, there's an option to limit the search to peer-reviewed articles.

Some databases, like Current Contents, contain only scholarly journals, so they do not have a limiter.

Here is an example of results for the search term "food additives" with the scholarly, peer-reviewed limiter checked from the database Research Library.

Note that the journal titles are all academic.

You shouldn't see any newspaper titles or recreational magazines, like Southern Living.

Another way to locate scholarly and peer-reviewed articles is to use GALILEO Search, located on the main tab.

On the search screen in step two, you will see the peer-reviewed limiter.

Selecting this option will limit your results to peer-reviewed articles in most cases.

Use caution when utilizing this feature since some databases that are searched don't actually contain peer-reviewed journals.

Click on the Help link next to the limiter for further information.

This concludes this tutorial on finding peer-reviewed articles.

If you have any questions, please check GALILEO Help for FAQs or use the Contact Us form to submit a comment.

Thanks and Happy Searching!

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