Finding Articles in GALILEO

The following tutorial will show you how to find articles in GALILEO.

Do you need to find articles for your research paper?

GALILEO provides access to databases containing articles that have been published in scholarly journals, magazines, or newspapers as well as images, videos, book chapters, and more.

There are several ways to find articles in GALILEO databases.

You can use Search to find articles in several databases at one time.

The Browse by Subject tab will provide options for a more focused search and more ways to refine your results.

First, the Search tab on the GALILEO homepage offers a quick way to find articles in several different databases.

Like web search engines, type in your search terms in the boxes provided.

You can then limit your results to full-text or peer-reviewed articles or select certain years to limit the dates of your results.

By default, general databases are selected for your search. These are good for finding articles on any topic.

You can also select Show more databases to see a longer list of databases and to search across disciplines.

The search results page allows you to refine your search.

It also indicates how many results you have from each database.

To see your articles, click the View button for each one.

This opens a new window with the article citation and may include a link to the full text of the article if it’s available.

The second way to find articles on your topic is to use the Browse by Subject tab to find databases on your subject.

Since our topic today is Ray Bradbury, we will choose Literature, Language, and Literary Criticism and then Literature and Literary Criticism.

The Subject Search tab allows you to search several databases at the same time.

As you can see here, several literature databases are already selected for your search as well as general and multidisciplinary databases.

To find articles in individual databases, use the Articles and Databases tab to see a ranked list of resources with information on your topic.

This concludes the tutorial on finding articles in GALILEO databases. If you have any questions, please check GALILEO Help for FAQs or use the Contact Us form to submit a comment. Thanks and Happy Searching.

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