Find a Specific Article

The following tutorial will show you how to find a specific article in GALILEO when you already know the title of the article.

Do you need to find an article to read for class and already know the title?

Do you have a bibliography, or a list of articles, and need to find them?

GALILEO has a tool to help you find one particular article if you have the citation.

To use this tool, go to the Journals A-Z tab on the GALILEO homepage.

On the Journals A-Z page, click Find Cited Article.

In the Journal Title field, type the name of the magazine or the journal you need.

Add any additional citation information that you have.

You may only need the date, volume, issue, and start page number, but sometimes additional information may be needed to locate the article.

A new window opens to show you which databases include your article.

Clicking a database name usually takes you directly to the article.

Sometimes the link may only take you to the journal. If it does, you should still be able to navigate to the article you need.

In this case, here is the citation information for the article along with the full text if available.

This concludes the tutorial on using the Find Cited Article in GALILEO. If you have any questions, please check GALILEO Help for FAQs or use the Contact Us form to submit a comment.

Thanks and Happy Searching.

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