Bibliography Tools in GALILEO

The following tutorial will show you how to use bibliography tools in GALILEO.

One of the hardest parts of writing a paper is creating the references or works cited list and formatting the citations according to a certain style guide, whether it’s APA, MLA, or Chicago.

Many GALILEO databases offer tools to help you create a bibliography and format your citations. Today, we will look at how EBSCO and ProQuest databases can help you. But first, we’ll start with the tools offered in the EBSCO database, Academic Search Complete.

One way to make writing your paper much easier is to build your bibliography as you find articles you want to use in your paper. For our example, we have searched for “energy policy” and “natural resources.”

First, let’s look at how to get the citation for an individual article. The "Cite this article“ icon will provide the citation of the article in several formats, including APA and MLA.

Now, let’s go back to the search results page to see how we can save several citations at once to create a bibliography, references page, or works cited list.

You can add the articles you need to the temporary folder in EBSCO. After selecting the articles you want, check the EBSCO Folder icon at the top of the screen. From the Folder, you can select the items you want and then save them using the Save as File icon, which looks like a diskette. You now have the option to save all of the items in the citation format of your choice, including MLA and APA styles. Now, when you choose to save these items, you will have a formatted list of your citations.

If you go back to your search results page, you will also see that you have the option to export your citations to a bibliographic management program, such as EndNote or RefWorks, using the Export icon. This allows you to save your citations to a file that can be imported into many popular bibliographic management tools. Check with your library to see if your institution offers bibliographic management software.

Now, let’s look at similar features in a ProQuest database, such as Research Library. We will use the same search that we used in EBSCO.

ProQuest also provides the citation for individual articles. In the article's information, just use the Cite this link to see a formatted citation.

To create a bibliography for several items, go back to your search results page and select the articles you want to include in your bibliography. Go to the My Research tab to save or export your items.

The “Create your bibliography” option allows you to chose your citation style and save your items.

The Export citations option allows you to export your citations into a file that can be imported into a bibliographic management program.

While using citation tools in databases makes creating a bibliography easy, you still need to ensure the accuracy and completeness of each citation. Double-check the formatting on the author’s name, the date, and check for correct capitalization. Also look for information that needs to be filled in or information and punctuation that needs to be changed.

Remember to check for these bibliography tools in all databases and start keeping a record of your citations as soon as you start your research because taking advantage of these tools can save a lot of time.

This concludes this tutorial on how to use bibliography tools in GALILEO. If you have any questions, please check GALILEO Help for FAQs or use the Contact Us form to submit a comment. Thanks and Happy Searching!

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