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Evaluation or Reviews

What do others think about this work?

QUESTION: Has a book or Web site been reviewed?

Sometimes a book is reviewed, or evaluated in a newspaper article, a journal article, or a magazine article. A favorable review is usually a good indication of a well-written book.

There are sources (indexes) that point you to reviews of some books. Examples of book review indexes are Book Review Digest on GALILEO and Book Review Index (available in the reference section of many libraries). Ask your librarian where to find book reviews.

Reviews of Web sites are not as common as reviews of books, but they do exist. Try "The Internet Scout Report". Even if your site isn't reviewed, you may find other, better sites!

You can look for sites, such as the Librarians' Index to the Internet or Infomine, that have been selected by librarians. Although you don't see the review, a librarian or authority in the field chose the site as a reliable source of information.

You can also see if your site is included in selective Web directories like "Academic Info". One indication of a quality site is that it's consistently included in selective Web directories.

QUESTION: Was the article peer-reviewed?

Another form of review is the review process that scholarly journals put articles through before publishing them. Some journals will explain their review process in the front of the first issue of the year; if its not there, ask your librarian for a list of " peer-reviewed" or "refereed" journals.

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