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Type of Periodical

Magazine or scholarly journal?

Characteristic Magazine Scholarly Journal
Advertising Extensive Selective or none
Appearance Slick, glossy, attractive Plain cover, usually
Articles Frequently, no author indicated or author is journalist; length usually short Authors included; usually includes some biographical information on author; ALWAYS includes references/sources; usually includes abstract and methodology sections; usually lengthy
Audience Written for general audience Written for researchers, professionals in field
Authors Written by various authors, frequently journalists Written by scholars or professionals in a particular field
Distribution Wide; general public Limited
Evaluation By journalists By professionals in the same field as subject of article (" Peer-reviewed" ); indicates reliability and credibility of article
Graphics Color photographs, illustrations or drawings to enhance the publication's image Graphs, charts, tables, other graphics to enhance or illustrate the article
Language Simpler language designed to reach a large audience with various educational levels Terminology of the discipline or subject covered; reader is assumed to have similar, scholarly background
Publisher Published for profit Published for professional association or scholarly press
Sources May list sources MUST include sources

Bad signs

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