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For books and periodicals

Question to Ask Why Is It Important? Where to Find
Is there an edition statement? (e.g.: 3rd edition) Not all books have later editions. An edition statement indicates that the book was updated. This information is usually on the cover, on the title page or back of the title page of a book.
Has the book been reprinted? If the subject isn't time-sensitive, the book's content may not be updated in a new edition. Reprinting means that the book has sold well. The page after the title page will list reprint dates separated by commas.
How long has the periodical been published? If a periodical is currently publishing volume 103, it's clearly a well-established source. If it's on volume 1, its reputation is still in doubt. The cover or table of contents page will give the volume number.

A later edition can mean that the book has become a standard in the field and is reliable.

Bad signs

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