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Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

Copyright, citing sources and the perils of plagiarism

Why bother concerning yourself with copyright? Because it's the law and it protects you as well as everyone else.

This unit acts as an introduction to the issues and how they concern you, as a researcher.


  1. Information Overload
    Citing your sources gives authority to what you have to say

  2. Why Should You Cite?
    It's the law and it's there for you, too

  3. Plagiarism
    What it is, how to avoid it

  4. Common Knowledge
    What you don't have to cite

  5. Citations
    Where did you get that information?

  6. Style Manuals
    What are style manuals and why do you use them?

  1. The Styles
    A brief showcase

  2. Where You Give Credit
    Bibliographies, footnotes and parentheticals

  3. Copyright Law
    What is it?

  4. Public Domain
    A definition

  5. Fair Use
    The reasonable limits of copyright protection

  6. Check it out!
    A compilation of Web copyright resources

  7. Exercise: Citing Electronic Sources
    Paraphrase in your own words or direct quote?