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These exercises have been provided to help students learn about library services and researching. They may be used by an instructor as an assignment.

Exercise: Find a Book and a Periodical

Using your library's GIL catalog

Learning Objective: Find a book relevant to your research project and a periodical in your library's catalog.

Finding a book on a topic

  1. What is your research question?

  2. What keywords will you use to search for books on your topic?

  3. What kind of Search will you use? For example, Title, Keyword, Author, etc.

  4. Please write down the search words as you entered them in GIL.

  5. Select a book that looks relevant to your research question and record the following information:

    1. Author
    2. Title
    3. Publication information (city, publisher, date)
    4. Library:
    5. Call number:
    6. Is the book available for check out?

  6. What terms in the Subjects could you use to refine your search?

Finding Periodicals

You have found a citation to the following article:

Fisher, J.R. (1998). Cattle plagues past and present: The mystery of Mad Cow Disease. Journal of Contemporary History, 33(2), 215-229.

  1. What will you look up in the catalog to locate the article?

  2. What kind of search will you do?

  3. Record the following information for the journal you have found:

    1. Title:
    2. Publication information:
    3. Library:
    4. Call number:
    5. Volumes Owned:
    6. Is the volume your article is in available?

Submit your work to your instructor if required.

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