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Step-by-Step Examples


Wants books on website design

Mandy needs to find some books on designing a website, so she goes to her library's GIL system. Since she doesn't know the name of any books on the topic, she starts with a GIL Quick Search.

She gets back only 8 records, but sees one that looks really good. It is called The Project Cool Guide to Enhancing Your Website. She clicks on the title to view the full record.

In the record, under "Subject(s)" Mandy sees that there is a subject heading that describes what she wants, but uses slightly different words than she did. The subject heading is:

Web sites — Design

Mandy clicks on the subject heading and finds that there are 132 books with that subject heading!

Since the topic changes quickly, Mandy really only wants to see recent books, so she uses the Sort By menu on the title listing, and re-sorts her list to put the most recent items first. She now has a smaller list of books that were published recently. She notices that the call numbers are all similar, and heads up to the stacks to get what she needs.

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