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Why Use the Journals A-Z Option? Example 2

Step 1

You are taking a 1000 level astronomy class. Your professor wants to introduce you to some of the periodical literature (magazines and journals) related to astronomy. His first outside assignment: Find and read one article published in Sky and Telescope, an astronomy magazine. The article must have been written no earlier than 2003.

Right now you are in your dorm room and do not want to walk across campus in the rain to read an article, so you decide to check GALILEO Scholar to see if the article is available electronically. How do you do that?

Answer: Select “Journals A-Z” and fill in the information, title, in the “Find Journal” search box. In this case, you know the exact title, so itŐs okay to click on the radio button beside “Exact.” If you are unsure of the title, use one of the other two radio buttons.

screen shot of the Journals A-Z search form

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