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A Research Project: Example 1

Step 12

You click on the link to get the search screen. Whoa!! The first thing you notice is the search screen looks different. (In this search, you linked to a single database, thus you get the search screen for that database.) As you look closer, you notice there are several similarities to GALILEO; numerous search options, search fields for multiple terms; limits can be added. Using what you have learned in GALILEO and reading the “Help” information (link-upper right screen), you think you can handle this search. So, you launch the search and get additional articles. Some, but not all, are the same articles found in the GALILEO search. (Database overlap is not uncommon.)

Feeling pretty confident, you leave your dorm room to meet with your professor to get approval for your research topic. On the way you pass a couple of classmates to whom you recommend GALILEO.

Screenshot of EBSCO search results

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