Research Definitions

Interactive Text Equivalent

How do these people define research?

Mike, the freshman

  1. A drag.
  2. Searching the Web the night before my paper's due.

Elizabeth, 3rd year student

  1. Something that makes my professors happy when I do it.
  2. What I start a week or so before my project's due.

Bob, graduating student

  1. Something I wish they'd taught me when I first started college.
  2. A skill that will help me get a good job or learn about subjects that will interest me in graduate school.

Pat, PhD student

  1. A way to find out what's already been written on my dissertation topic, or what areas provide opportunities for study.
  2. A great journey of investigation, full of surprises, loaded with fun — and a way to procrastinate on writing my dissertation.

Martha, mature student

  1. A practical skill that will help me in many areas of my life like getting a degree, making decisions about big things like healthcare, investments, and major purchases, and learning about new things.
  2. Something that's a little nerve-wracking with all those computers.

Theresa, Marketing Research Professional

  1. A way to find information that will help me help companies beat the competition, understand our market, and make us rich.
  2. Something I wish I paid more attention to in school.

Scully, FBI Agent

  1. Knowing what questions to ask ("Why did the killer leave one bloody glove?" "What do the aliens do to these people they abduct?")
  2. Figuring out who might have the answers