GALILEO 4 Life!Lifelong Learning with Georgia's Virtual Library


GALILEO and Georgia Public Library Service (GPLS) are pleased to present the GALILEO Annual Conference on Thursday, July 12th in Macon. This one-day event is an opportunity for all of Georgia's library community to learn more about GALILEO, touch base with content providers, and network with colleagues across the state.

This year's theme, GALILEO 4 Life!, embodies our strategic plan's aim to "support all Georgians as they move from childhood to adulthood, from inquiry to application, and from students to successful participants in the knowledge-based economy, resulting in an informed and well-educated Georgia."

There's something for everyone, including K-12, public, and academic librarians and staff. The conference is free with registration and lunch is included.


John Horrigan

Keynote Address

Lifelong learning has become an imperative for many people, as changes in the work environment, rapidly evolving technologies, and the whirlwind of new media challenges people to keep up. In many respects, lifelong learning rests on information literacy and digital skills -- which puts the focus squarely on libraries. In this talk, Horrigan will use data from the Pew Research Center to show how libraries, as highly trusted community institutions, are critical to helping people pursue lifelong learning in a digital age.

John Horrigan, a Senior Fellow at Technology Policy Institute, will kick off the conference with an address on libraries, learning, and technology. John previously worked at Pew Research Center where he oversaw recent research about the role of libraries in lifelong learning.

Read John's Research Reports

Luncheon Speaker

John Bracken joined the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) as Executive Director in 2017 after nearly two decades as a philanthropic investor in digital media, media policy, and innovation. He most recently served as VP for Technology Innovation at the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation overseeing efforts to improve the creation, sharing, and other use of information. The DPLA is an organizations that connects people to the riches held within America's libraries, archives, museums, and other cultural heritage institutions.

Getting Beyond the Basics in Genealogy Reference

Are you comfortable answering basic genealogy reference questions when working the desk, but feel ready to dive a little deeper? Wish you could provide some tips and tricks to your family history researchers? This session will start with a brief overview of the basics, including GALILEO genealogy resources, followed by intermediate-level topics like pre-1870 African American family research, tips for finding women and their maiden names, and strategies for using friends, associates, and neighbors to find elusive ancestors in the census.

Angela Stanley, Director Georgia HomePLACE

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DLG Technology Road Map: Big Changes for a Sustainable Future

Did you know that the DLG is in the process of a major technology overhaul? We are migrating to new servers, new metadata administration systems, and new public interfaces; all with stability, sustainability, and longevity in mind. This session will describe our current technological state, what we want to achieve, and our plans for getting there. We will also talk about what has (and hasn't) worked well for a project of this magnitude.

Sheila McAlister, Director, Digital Library of Georgia
Mike Kanning, GALILEO/GIL Programmer/Analyst

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GALILEO and OpenAthens: 21st Century Authentication for GALILEO Participating Libraries

In this session, attendees will receive an overview of OpenAthens in a consortium environment, along with an update on the implementation roles and roadmap for GUGM. Following the presentation will be an opportunity for Q&A.

Tony Zanders, EBSCO

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E-Resources Panel

Members of the newly formed GALSTEER Electronic Resources Committee will discuss the how the committee operates and serves their communities, the results of the April resources survey, and plans for future projects. Following the discussion, the committee will have time to answer questions and receive feedback from attendees.

Christopher Bishop, Agnes Scott
Wendy Cornelisen, GPLS
Tim Daniels, University of North Georgia
John Lassiter, Georgia Northwestern Technical College
Lindsey Lowry, LaGrange College
John Stephens, GALILEO

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Mango Languages Overview and Update / Gale Legal Forms Overview and Update

Join representatives from both resource providers to learn more about these resources available to public libraries through GALILEO.

Pulling It All Together: Best Practices for Library Business Services

Whether it is explicitly or loosely defined, business support is a critical role for community libraries of varying types. Those of us who have answered the call to provide access to resources that help businesses and non-profits start, expand, or improve may, in turn, seek guidance on how to develop those resources. Using public libraries as a model, this presentation will expand on how professional development, community engagement, and strategic goals are key elements for a proactive business services program.

Jennifer Price, Business Reference Librarian, Middle Georgia Regional Library System

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Metadata, Ingest, and Data Feeds: What DLG Does with Your Data and Why

Do you ever wonder what the DLG actually does with your data? Are you curious as to why we ask for certain formats? This session will explain what it is we do with your digital objects and metadata. It will discuss how and why your raw data gets transformed for use by our systems and what that means for users. While this is a technology oriented talk, no technical expertise is necessary. The session is designed to give the audience a high level understanding of the data chain from local digital object repositories to the Digital Public Library of America, and the places it stops along the way.

Nicole Lawrence, Project Manager, Digital Library of Georgia

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The E-Book Landscape

Panelists from different kinds of libraries discuss various aspects of e-book practices and philosophies. Topics include:

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ProQuest Overview and Update/Britannica Overview and Update

Join representatives from both resource providers to learn more about databases available to all GALILEO communities (ProQuest) and to K-12 (Britannica)

The National History Day Project: Encouraging Student Research

National History Day actively engages middle and high school students in the historical process: research, investigation, and presentation. Learn how NHD project coordinators and GALILEO/DLG staff collaborated to improve student access to scholarly research and primary resources; and learn how local libraries can help students with preliminary research, including organizational and outreach techniques to area schools, as well as ways to organize research opportunities for the participants. Attendees will explore the NHD initiative, Georgia's NHD mentoring program, and tools for active student participation in research.

Dr. Kevin Shirley, LaGrange College, NHD Georgia Program Coordinator
Sheila McAlister, Director, Digital Library of Georgia
Russell Palmer, Assistant Director, GALILEO Support Services
Henry McCoy, Marketing and Programming Coordinator, Chattahoochee Valley Libraries

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Lifelong Learning in Georgia

Panelist from different kinds of libraries discuss programs and services that help ensure communities in Georgia have lifelong learning opportunities.
Twin Lakes Library representatives discuss their experience with the GPLS pilot program to put library cards in the hands of all K-12 students (Stephen Houser, director; Emily Kennedy, Circulation Supervisor)
UGA’s Special Collections Library connects with the community with programs, tours, and exhibits. Learn about the events and outreach communication strategies. (Jan Hebbard, Librarian/Archivist III)
The Flint River Library System has LearningExpress user statistics out the roof. Their director will speak on their targeted outreach efforts. (Natalie Marshall, Executive Director)
The manager of Affordable Learning Georgia will discuss how Open Educational Resources (OER), including those in the GALILEO Open Learning Materials repository, can enable and enhance new forms of learning for everyone, both inside and outside of the classroom. (Jeff Gallant, Program Manager)

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DLG/HomePLACE Services Overview and Focus Group

This session will discuss results from recent surveys of DLG and HomePLACE partners’ service needs. Attendees will also be able to weigh in on current and future DLG partner service offerings, such as training, technology hosting, and more.

Angela Stanley, Director Georgia HomePLACE
Sheila McAlister, Director, Digital Library of Georgia

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Designing with Accessibility in Mind

In this session, learn how a few small changes to your handouts, presentations, LibGuides, and webpages can make them more accessible and meet Federal regulations and guidelines.

Kara Mullen, Head of Access and Electronic Services, Clayton State University
Angela Megaw, Associate Professor, University of North Georgia

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EBSCO and LearningExpress Overview and Update

Join representatives of these resource providers to learn more about databases available to all GALILEO communities (EBSCO) and to technical colleges and public libraries (LearningExpress Library)

GALILEO Statistics: Gathering, Reporting, and Usage

In this session, GALILEO staff will start by providing a general introduction to statistics for online library resources and how show those measures are implemented in the GALILEO stats tool. The session will then explain how statistics are gathered, provide strategies for producing reports, and offer guidance for interpreting results. The session will also include a live demo and examples of how GALILEO staff use statistics reports for specific projects and ongoing assessment.

Ken Henslee, GALILEO Support Analyst
John Stephens, GALILEO Acquisitions and E-Resources Coordinator

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