Business Procedures Manual

Fiscal Affairs Division

10.6 Collection Dates, Past Due Notices, Sample Forms and Agreements

(Last Modified on April 9, 2019)

Generally accounts are considered past due when outstanding balances are more than 30 days old. For active students, if there is pending aid or other financial arrangements, the past due date will need to be modified depending on conditions of arrangement, however, the due date should not extend past midpoint of the semester.

10.6.1 Past Due Notices

(Last Modified on April 19, 2019)

At a minimum, past due notices should be sent as follows:

 Required Correspondence e-mail or letterLetter RequiredCertified, Registered or Priority tracking letter (*)Send to Collection Agency
Amounts Due30 days past due60 days past due90 days past due90 days past due120 - 180 days past due>120 - 180 days
≤ $300   
> $300 ≤ $1,000  
> $1,000 

Past due notices should include the following:

  1. 1) Amount due 2) Days past due 3) Date payment expected 4) Consequences of not paying outstanding balance

Institution may choose to send certain accounts to collection agency after 120 past due, if it has been determined that all good faith collection efforts have been exhausted.

  1. Note:If an institution utilizes a third party to send collection notices, the institution must ensure that third party follows guidelines adopted in this section. If timing of notices and methods of correspondence vary from the prescribed format discussed above, the institution must request approval from USG Chief Fiscal Officer.

10.6.2 Sample Request for Write-Off

(Last Modified on August 2, 2021)

SAO has provided a sample request for write off template at the following website:
SAO Write-Off Request Form

Institutions may use their own write off request form as long as it includes required elements listed on SAO’s template.

10.6.3 Student Financial Responsibility Agreement (Example)

(Last Modified on June 21, 2024)


This Agreement is entered into between the Student and the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, by and on behalf of [ USG institution ]. In exchange for registering for classes and receiving education services from [ USG institution ], I understand and agree that my eligibility to enroll in classes is expressly conditioned upon acceptance of all terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.

I understand and agree to the following:

  1. When I register for any class at [ USG institution ] or receive any service from [ USG institution ], I accept full responsibility to pay all tuition, fees and other associated costs assessed as a result of my registration and/or receipt of services on or before the due date.

  2. If I drop or withdraw from some or all of the classes for which I register, I will be responsible for paying all or a portion of tuition and fees in accordance with the published refund schedule.

  3. I am personally responsible for payment of all money due regardless of my eligibility for financial aid or other assistance.

  4. Financial aid or other financial assistance I may receive will be used to pay any and all money due to [ USG institution ], including tuition, fees, campus housing and meal plans, student health insurance, parking permits, service fees, fines, bookstore charges, or any other amount, in accordance with the terms of the aid or assistance. If some or all of my financial aid or other assistance is revoked because I drop or withdraw from classes and/or from school, I will repay all revoked aid that was disbursed to my account.

  5. If I fail to pay all money due by the due date, [ USG institution ] will place a financial hold on my student account, cancelling my class registration and preventing me from registering for future classes, obtaining transcripts or receiving my diploma.

  6. If I fail to pay all money due by the due date and fail to make payment arrangements acceptable to [ USG institution ], [ USG institution ] may refer my account to a collection agency, and I will be responsible for paying the collection agency fee, which may be based on a percentage of up to 15% of the debt, together with all costs and expenses including reasonable attorney’s fees, necessary for the collection of my account.

  7. I authorize [ USG institution ] and its agents to contact me at my current and any future cellular phone number(s), email address(es) or wireless device(s) regarding my delinquent student account(s)/loan(s) or any other debt I owe to [ USG institution ], or to provide general information from [ USG institution ]. I authorize [ USG institution ] and it agents to use automated telephone dialing equipment, artificial or pre-recorded voice or text messages, and personal calls and email messages, in their efforts to reach me.

  8. I am responsible for keeping [ USG institution ] records up to date with my current physical address(es), email address(es), and phone numbers by [explain or refer to institution’s procedure]. My responsibility to do so will continue upon leaving [ USG institution ] for any reason for purposes of continued communication regarding any amounts that remain due and owing to[ USG institution ].

  9. I am subject to and responsible for complying with all applicable [ USG institution ] and Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia policies and procedures.

  10. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Georgia without regard to choice of law’s provisions, and all actions arising under this Agreement will be filed and litigated exclusively in the appropriate courts within the State of Georgia.

I understand and agree to the all of the terms and conditions above.


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