Comprehensive Administrative Review

Opportunity Identification Survey

Purpose and Process

What is the purpose of the opportunity identification survey?

The CAR project will use outputs from the opportunity identification survey to identify organizational areas of best practice as well as areas that could be improved. The summation of all responses from across your institution and the system will provide key insights into operational and organizational effectiveness that can be used to advance the project’s objectives.

Is the opportunity identification survey confidential?

The participant will identify his or her institution, department, and years of service. However, no personal information will be asked of the respondent and all answers will be aggregated into a larger end report for further analysis.

What if I cannot think of 3 administrative processes that work well or could use improvement?

The survey allows you to choose up to 3 responses for each category. All responses within this survey are optional and you will not have to provide input on a ‘minimum’ number of functions. We strongly suggest that you only rate functions that you interact with regularly.

Can I choose my own department as an area that works well or needs improvement?

Yes. In fact, you may be keenly aware of areas of strengths and weakness within your own department.

Who will see the responses from my opportunity identification survey?

The CAR project team from Huron Consulting Group will aggregate and summarize the survey responses. There will be no way to identify who completed the survey. However, if there are relevant quotes or responses that help highlight key themes, the Huron team may anonymize those responses and use them in the forthcoming report.

I am having technical difficulties, who do I contact?

Please reach out to the project team ( and detail what technical issues you are experiencing. We will reach out to you as soon as possible.

If you have additional questions or comments please submit them using the Contact Us form on this website.