Healthy Lifestyle

A Healthy Lifestyle is all about making the right choices. It’s about feeling good,being happy and not letting your health prevent you from fully enjoying your life. It’s about feeling good, being happy and not letting your health prevent you from fully participating in your life activities.

USG wants you to be as healthy as possible and is supporting wellness and health events on campuses and as a System-Wide initiative.

Remember, age appropriate wellness exams are covered 100% under the USG healthcare plans. Getting your annual wellness exam is a good start to understanding your health status and to staying healthy.

Look at the resources on this page to help you achieve your health goals. Also, look for wellness events on your campus.

BCBSGa Members: MyHealth Coach

Could you use some cheering on to achieve your health goals? Many people find that it helps. That’s why MyHealth Coach offers one-on-one professional assistance to help you be your healthy best.

Once you’ve enrolled in the program, you and your family members can access a health coach who helps you and/or your covered family members understand your benefits, get access to care and seize opportunities to feel better every day.

Whether you are looking to lose weight or lower your stress level, MyHealth Coach has strategies to help. If you’re about to have surgery, a nurse with MyHealth Coach can help you prepare for the procedure and plan ahead for your recovery.

To get started, simply call 800-785-0006.

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