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Article Posted August 31, 2010

System Supplement Changes to Serve Readers Better

This issue of the System Supplement has a very different look – as well as approach. It is a look that is not just cosmetic, but incorporates technology in new ways to serve you better.

Last year the Supplement was changed from a printed publication that was mailed, to an online version. But that online version was still a traditionally designed publication, posted as an Adobe PDF.

The issue you see on your screen is the next generation: a fully online version created solely using web technology. This use of technology represents a significant enhancement of this publication.

The new, online format provides us the ability to expand our coverage as well as update coverage quickly. Therefore, each month the current “issue” may change several times, as new articles are posted. In this way we can keep you better informed and informed more frequently.

Another change in format relates to how articles are presented. Now readers will see a short summary of each article. If a particular article interests you, click on the “read more” at the end and it will take you to the full article.

Finally, the new format allows us to provide direct links to other articles and information relevant to the story, giving you more in-depth coverage.

To stay current, please click on the “subscribe” button in the upper right. This way you will receive notification of new issues and articles.

The new look is the work of a number of people in the System Office, including John Vanchella, Ray Lee and the University System Office Web Services department.

The System Supplement is a continually evolving publication – and evolving in ways to serve our readers better. We welcome your feedback and suggestions on this new format. Send your comments to with subject heading “System Supplement.”

Thanks for reading!

Sonja Roberts, editor
John Millsaps, associate vice chancellor

Posted by Sonja Roberts
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